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Selling Used Clothes as a Business Idea to Make Money

Selling used clothes to earn money: If you are a father of a family and have your young children at home, you will have noticed that as they grow the clothes that you have bought with so much affection, they will remain. But many parents do not make problems with it and decide to give it to their other relatives or as they plan to have more offspring, because it will end up serving them in some way.

Of course, not everyone has the same opinion or the same socio-economic condition, so they consider it better to sell it to perhaps buy more new clothes, as a resource to pay some debts or as an idea to start a business. But you may be wondering

Well Percentile is an innovative option to be able earn money by selling your used clothes Or that it is even without brand new of your children between 0 and 12 years of age, making only one call to pick it up from your home, that’s right, you will not have to do anything more than place it in a special bag that said company will send you , sign a document and you will be ready to receive your money. It is only allowed to send 8 garments per collection but there are no limits for the clothes you want to sell them.

But for this sales process to be successful there are certain conditions to take into account. First of all, your clothes will go through a rigorous inspection to see if they are in perfect condition because people, like you, will not buy clothes in bad condition, stained or with odors, so try to comply with what Percentile demands. Tamoco accept underwear, bibs, handmade clothing, sleepwear and swimwear, the latter two options if they could be negotiated if they have not been used and if they have the label of the store.

So that you know how much they are going to pay you, there are tables where the price has been placed by types of garments and according to the brand to which they belong. And what they will pay you will depend on whether said garment is almost new or with a store label, or if it is second-hand, also if it is faster to sell it or not. As this business idea is only available for Spanish territory, it is also analyzed whether the brands are popular in that nation.

For this reason, Percentile pays between 20% and 40% since they sell the clothes in their Store at 70% of the estimated original price and at 50% if it is brand-new clothes and still with the store label. Two weeks after receiving your garments, they will send you an email to inform you if everything is in order and to ask you for your bank details in order to deposit your money.

As you will see, here the main issue is quality, so if you want to earn money with Percentile, be honest with the state of your garments. Hopefully business models like this will spread to other countries where they consider that it is not always feasible to buy everything new, especially if it is about little people who grow daily.