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Selling fresh cut flowers as green business models

Well this time we want to share with you a business model which has a lot to do with caring for the environment, but in particular with the appreciation of flowers not only as a fruit of nature that beautifies any environment, especially urban, but as an opportunity to invest safely.

However, what we are interested in introducing you to is The Bouqs, a store that sells freshly cut flowers that have been grown in the equatorial zone, specifically in South America. This company is based in the United States, but why have they preferred to offer their customers from that country flowers worked in this area?

Selling fresh cut flowers
In themselves, these are two very compelling reasons, and we believe your customers are taking it more seriously for this. The first is the type of sunlight that reaches this part of the Earth, one of the hottest in the world, that is why the flowers retain really vivid colors and very distinguished from the others; and the second because they only sell bouquets when there are orders, that is, they only cut them when people want to have them on their desks or when they are going to give them to someone in particular, and more or less said people will have flowers of about 4 days of have been separated from nature. From the company itself they say that the competition usually offers their flowers within 10 to 14 days of having cut them, without a doubt a big difference.

Well, so if you are lucky enough to live in the United States or if you know someone who does, then you could buy outright or you may prefer to subscribe to a weekly or monthly plan which will save you 10%. The price for each bouquet, which on this site is called “bouq”, is 40 dollars, and in case you did not know, it is also competitive with the competition, plus the cost of shipping is included.

When they enter the website of this company they will see that there are some tabs among which three of these will allow them to better know about the bouquets of flowers that are offered, one is “feeling” where they will find the bouquets according to the occasions that motivate them to perform. a gift with this kind of products, then you will see the tab “color” where you will find them classified by color, and finally there is “type” where you can see the flowers ordered by their nature, that is, you will see bouquets of roses, veronicas, of lilies, among others.

Finally, we want to mention that The Bouqs practices sustainable agriculture, a strategy that is well regarded and that benefits the environment.

As you will realize, this is an entrepreneurial alternative that continues to grow, more and more people are encouraged to start businesses like this with which it is possible to earn money at the same time that they brighten the lives of many.

Links: The Bouqs