In difficult times, agile responses are needed, when we find ourselves in difficulties we must have enough cold blood to allow us to make the right decisions and begin to mentalize ourselves about the real possibility self-employment.

Lately I have been advising several people on important decisions that they had to make, but not by telling them myself, but by [email protected] [email protected]self-employment

Not everyone has the ability to jump into the world of conventional business, as we know it, today there are very simple ways to create your small business from your home, or from your neighbor’s house, or from a garage, the fact is that you can mount it from wherever you want, all you need is:

  • Internet
  • Computer
  • And willpower

As simple as these three things, of course, it is not what you wanted for your future, because it is what there is, it is a very real alternative, in which every day more people around the world choose to create their own job or the famous self-employment If you are not able to break that barrier, you will always be complaining.

What It is not acceptable, it is that you feel entrepreneurial, that you are always imagining what you would do if you could and are not able to do it, sometimes because you say there is no money, others because it is not what you are looking for, and always with an excuse that cover you.

Entrepreneurship is not for [email protected], I will not tire of saying it, but entrepreneurship is not necessarily just starting a company, entrepreneurship is deeper than all that, a simple change of course in your professional life can mean undertaking.

In the coming times we are going to witness substantial changes in terms of jobs, we are already seeing them but in a very light way, the salaries we already know what they are, we are looking for a southern Europe with very low labor costs, and whoever is surprised is who knows nothing about economics, but do not believe that only the salaries of labor, that of middle managers as well, and since the vast majority of the population is in this large group there are only two alternatives:

  • You stay where you are and you live thinking what could have been and what was not.
  • You make the decision with courage to reinvent yourself and not necessarily if you are lucky enough to have a job you should leave it, you can combine it.

Don’t be fooled by false illusions, illusions are for the [email protected], take advantage of the opportunities that pass you by each day, we are an average of 8 hours a month in Facebook According to surveys, one last time, I don’t know how many hours we should be browsing elsewhere, if you take advantage of that time for your own benefit, I guarantee that your pocket would notice it.

I will explain myself: Internet as leisure is very good, but very good, spending hours watching facebook, youtube and other networks is a holy pain in the ass, but I assure you that there are people who are hooked, it is their problem, being on the internet reading news and researching is already more fruitful and now imagine that in addition to all that you dedicate 1 or 2 hours a day to work for you on the internet. And of course there they appear [email protected] [email protected] who say they have no time for anything and it turns out that then they are at all hours [email protected] to social networks.

I can only tell you that if you are one of those who are always with excuses you will never do anything, on the internet you can do everything, you can write articles for others, you can have a white label online store, you can sell condoms, you can see ads and get paid You can create a distribution network as they are so fashionable, you can give classes online, you can read the horoscope, you can do so many things and so different that it would not end, but the important thing is THAT YOU CAN DO IT.

It is a matter of knowing what you want, logically and depending on what you decide to do so you will have to make your time available, now do not take 1 or 2 hours a day to the maximum expression.

As you can see, self-employment is online, the costs are very low, you can start with 20 euros, or you can start with 1,000 euros, there is room for all budgets, what there is no room for those who want to earn money from home and free, that does not exist and whoever tells you otherwise is lying to you.

Nobody gives money for nothing in return

So now you know, stop complaining at once, if you don’t like your job, or you don’t make it to the end of the month, you have opportunities to change it, it’s just a matter of wanting.