Search people by first and last name

When you want search people by first and last name, Google is not the only search engine you can turn to. Did you distance yourself from a friend? Do you want to find a former colleague from school or work? Today you have more search tools, do you want to know them?

Tools to search for people by first and last name

Among the powerful tools for search people by first and last name they find each other:

Search people by first and last name for free on Google

Of course your search should start with Google as the main search engine including the search for people and you will find it no matter how much you know about that person, as it is the tool with the greatest power.

It is assumed that you know the first and last name of that person, then you only have to write that first and last name followed by some important detail such as their profession or the school or university they attended, as they are keywords that Google will interpret to show you results in the social networks where that person created a profile.


Replace the first and last name with that of the person you are searching for, you can add the locality:

ZabaSearch: People search engine

Zabasearch is a tool that allows you search people by first and last name and it will give you as a result the phone number and your address.

You can test the tool by entering your own name, but you will be surprised when instead of filtering by state, if you do not know the state where the person you are looking for moved, it does not matter because the search engine searches through the 50 states for the name you enter and you returns the full name with his surname, the full address with the city and postal code and the telephone number, but of course you can give the same name and surname in different cities and it will be you who must figure out which of them is the friend you are looking for.

How to search for people on social networks:

If when doing the google search It did not give you any identifiable results, test searching on social networks and in this sense Facebook is the first social network you should enter.

Do your search by entering the name of the person, the city, the name of the school where he attended or the university and if you know where he worked also enter the name of the company.

If you do not know all these data, just enter the name and other information, because with two data it will give you several results that then you will be in charge of reviewing according to the photo it shows you.


Intelius allows you to search for people based on their full name and it will give you their phone number and if you know the phone number it will show you the full name of that person.

How to find a person in the US


In Searchbug you can enter at least the last name of the person you are looking for and if you know him also enter his name, the city and do your search even indicating that the website searches in all states and it will return the full name with the address , your phone number, age or date of birth, marital status, who are your relatives, length of residence in the United States, address map, state, county, property type, and property value the house or apartment.

White pages

White Pages allows the online search for people including mobile phone data. It is a free search but when it comes to public records the cost is $ 2.50 and it also gives you a preview of public records.

Search engines

Searching for people online is not that difficult, because even if you only have little information, with the name, surname and city you can find whoever you propose.

  1. If you’ve already used Google, try Bing and Yahoo. Enter the name and surname, the city and the state of the person you are looking for and if you know other information also enter it, because the more information you indicate to the search engine, the more options to find it you will have.
  2. If you have not yet opened an account on MySpace or Facebook, open it and log in with your username and password. Then in MySpace put the name and city of the person you are looking for in the search box, then choose People and click on Search.

On Facebook you must enter the name and city in the search box and then simply Enter.

  1. Go to Searchyellow to search for people in your community. Searchyellow is connected at the state level so you can search for people who are located further afield and even if you are not sure of the correct spelling of the city, it offers you a state directory so you can check the spelling of major cities.

Search mobile phone number by name and surname

Search landline by name and surname: When it comes to finding a mobile phone number by name and surname, it seems that the task is complicated because they are numbers that do not appear in the phone books, but if you need to find a person who owns a cell phone number you can do it with a little patience:

National cellular directory

The national cellular directory has a happy hour or happy hour as the time window for free searches. You can do your search by entering the name of the person you are looking for and it will show you their mobile phone number or if you know the cell phone number you can enter it and it will show you the name of its owner.

Keep in mind that the national cellular directory allows you up to two free searches in the time window called happy hour, but since this time changes every day you will have to create an account in the directory to keep up with the latest information about the happy hour time. of that day and even if you already have an account open on Facebook or Twitter, follow the directory and it will inform you about the next happy hour.

However, although it is worth doing your search for free, keep in mind that the directory is made up of data that registered people chose to enter voluntarily, so it does not give you assurance that you can find who you are looking for, For this reason, it is recommended that you carry out your search for free instead of paying for it.

In order to search mobile phone number by name and surname search in:

Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer It is also free and it is a mobile phone directory and in a short time entering the name, city and state of the person you are looking for will give you their cell phone number.

You can also do the reverse number search by entering the mobile phone number to get the name and city of the person you are looking for.

Search for specialized people alternatives to google and social networks

Pipl: Pipl it sounds like people, which is what you will find in this search engine. Based on the name, surname and / or city or country of residence, Pipl will offer you all the information available on multiple sites, such as Twitter, Badoo, Flickr, Foursquare, etc. It will even give you the names of the people related to you on some of those networks.

After the search you can customize the parameters and filter by age ranges, change the location and even provide more data (phone, email, username) to see if you find anything else.

WebMii: Available in English, French and Spanish, WebMii It helps you discover the presence of anyone on the Internet, be it someone known or popular or simply an anonymous and everyday name.

WebMii will show you photos, tags, social networks and results related to the person you are meeting or related contacts.

As in all other cases, you can limit the result to a specific location and, as a novelty, you also have the option of indicating related keywords to find that person by their professional profile.

Yasni: Another powerful people search engine is Yasni, which, although it does not take much care of the design of the results page, offers a lot of information regardless of the origin of who is searching.

You can search and then adjust your goal using automatic filters that, among other things, help you narrow down your geographic area and find similar combinations.

PeekYou: The premise of PeekYou It is the same as that of Pipl. indicate first name, last name (s) and where that contact is and you can search for people in various information sources. You can also use a username or a phone number. In PeekYou you can filter the results by social networks, public pages, phone numbers, email addresses, web searches and even images. Although it is very focused on the search for people in the United States, if you refine your search well you can find someone from other countries.

Spoke: Another search engine focused on the United States is Spokeo, which gathers data from various sources to search for people by name, social media user, phone number, or even address. Whether you are a celebrity or an acquaintance, Spokeo will tell you what it finds about that person. However, you will have to finish the search with the advanced filters that indicate the age range (if you know it), phone number, city?

Search people by DNI Spain

One option is to go to the Electoral Census where there is an extensive list of all the people who have registered in the National Electoral Board. In the Civil Registry: It is a public administrative body that collects data on the marital status of each person, including their birth, name, surname, marriage, death, etc …

Local or municipal register: if you live in a small town, you can go to the town hall where the census data is kept.

There are websites like that “supposedly” allow you to find people by ID by entering basic data and paying a minimum amount of money. In most cases it works perfectly, but every case (and every record) is different.
These options are like a search engine for ID by name Spain and being able to locate people by ID.

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