Saying Things Can Make A Difference In The Internet Marketing Industry

Today while I was checking my Facebook profile, a friend told me about a video that talked about the importance of persuasion, and how saying the same thing in different words can make the difference between the success or failure of a marketing campaign in this industry. .


Well basically the video does not talk about marketing specifically, but it is very easy to make the analogy, and take it to the world of internet marketing. The video itself talks about a blind man who begs for alms in the street with a sign that says “I’m Blind Please Help Me”, for which very few people give alms.

However, then a woman appears who rewrites the poster, and people instinctively start giving her tons of handouts (like never before). You will ask yourself What Change? Simple, the woman “He wrote the same thing in different words “… Watch the video…

You see the importance of how to say things. If we take it directly, to the world of internet marketing, we will realize that if we tell our potential clients simply “Buy this”, most likely they will not or a very low rate of conversion to sales will be achieved. However, if we say the same thing, but using different words, the results will increase exponentially (apply pre-sales strategies).

The same applies, for example, to building an email list, if you simply tell your potential customers (subscribers) to subscribe to my newsletter, chances are that very few will. However, if you give them an incentive (irresistible), I assure you that your subscription rate will increase exponentially, which will lead to an increase in traffic, income, and success at the end of the day.

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