Roofing Companies Needing Workers: Where to Look for Positions

If you want to know about roofing companies that need workers The most useful thing for you is that you visit the websites where companies publish when they have vacancies to fill a job.

And as for roofing, you also know that it is a type of work highly requested by companies, so below you will find a list of companies that are looking for workers because they have a job to fill and that you can one of them, for example:

1.You can enter where you can see roofer job openings by filtering by location.

  1. Also entering you will find companies that are looking for roofing. On this site you can filter by an estimated salary, by type of job, if you are interested in working full time, part time, commission, contract or temporary work, location and company.
  2. In this case, for example, UNC-Chapel Hill seeks to fill 2 roofer jobs for the exterior maintenance shop on campus. You must have a secondary degree or equivalent, demonstrable skills to perform the job and optionally experience in the commercial sector. You can apply by entering:
  3. Waltoin Roofing is looking for an experienced commercial roofer to work in varying weather conditions with qualities to follow building practices, safety, and company policies. You can apply by entering:

You will qualify if you are eligible to work in the United States and pass the drug and background screening test. It is a full time job.

  1. LAUS is looking for workers to fill a roofer position under certain requirements such as having a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and experience in successfully installing roofs.

What are the roofing companies that need workers?

Other roofing companies that need workers They are:

  1. Login to, KBR is a constantly growing company looking for experienced roofing workers. It offers you health insurance, competitive salary, paid vacations, etc.

Complete the job application with your personal information. The position you want to occupy, the rate of pay, if you are eligible to work in the United States, if you can work outside the city, if you can do guard work and click Send to send your application.

Looking for a roofing job: where to find a job

I am looking for a roofing job but you don’t know where to find? Well, if you have already browsed the job sites without obtaining satisfaction, then you can still continue with your job search, writing a cover letter to send it directly to companies such as:

  1. Immaculate Roofing, whose website is:

It is a company specialized in residential, commercial, stone roofing, asphalt roof tiles, solar roof tiles, metal roof tiles, etc.

They do big and small jobs, so you can be the next worker to join the company. You can call for advice at 1-866-810-.6411 or send an email to with your cover letter and attaching your resume.

  1. Login to and begins to browse the different companies that are looking for a worker or more roofer to fill the job vacancy, because LinkedIn is the social network aimed at job search and nowadays the majority of companies They seek to fill the job vacancy by finding the ideal worker with the required experience on Linkedin.

For this reason you can open your account for free and start completing your profile indicating your experience, your curriculum vitae, certificates you have obtained, etc., so that they can find you and in turn contact companies that are looking for a worker like you looking for a roofing job.

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