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Romantic Catering

Who needs Cupid when they can hire the services of a Romantic Catering and give an unforgettable surprise to that special person in their lives, with a romantic dinner for two.

In this business you must prepare the whole plan for that memorable culinary and romantic experience. It all depends on your creativity and the customer’s requests and tastes. The night or the day can start with a car ride, I refer to the horse-drawn carriage, through a beautiful park, with wines and flowers, and end with a delicious Dinner at the edge of the beach, served in an exquisite way. The possibilities are endless, your creativity is the limit. Of course, you are in charge of supplying the transport, the wine, the flowers, the food and even serving it in the proper way.Romantic Catering

The best thing about this business is that you do not need to be a chef or owner of a carriage, nor have the skills of a waiter or waitress, you can sub-contract the services of people with these skills or knowledge. What is required, however, is the ability to plan the best romantic, special, different and somewhat unique dinner for your clients. This business can be developed part-time or as “part-time “ and drive it from home if you prefer.

To promote your business, use your creativity. You can provide a romantic dinner for a local newspaper or magazine reporter, editor, or editor in exchange for an article about your business. You can place advertisements in the local newspapers and entertainment magazines. The best thing is that your service will speak for you, your clients will hire your services more than once and, above all, word of mouth marketing will be your best ally. Don’t forget to print your business cards or “business card “ and promotional material.