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Rewards for recommending fresh grocery sales portal

Buy Fresca, business idea that offers rewards for recommending your friends, fresh grocery products sales portal

We all like eat healthy food so we will always appeal to buy fresh products, fresh from the sea, from the plots, or dishes made with these same ingredients.

Nowadays, a lot of emphasis is being placed on healthy eating, so many business ideas have come out in this regard, but the one that we will deal with below, is one that already has some experience in the sector and that also has partners who have the same philosophy.

Is about Buy Fresh, a portal for the sale of healthy and fresh products that sends your orders directly to your home without intermediaries. It has the support of partners also distributors of healthy foods, as well as companies that are dedicated to the preparation of 100% natural dishes.

buy fresh online
But in this blog we always try to see how you can improve your economy, so you will be interested to know that this e-commerce offers discounts for the purchases you make, especially in purchases greater than 40 euros, that is, if you buy some of their fresh products that exceed this amount, they will give you 1 euro, as long as they have been made in the same month.

On the other hand, there is also the proposal to get more money, 100 euros a month or more for recommending to all your friends. In Compra Fresca they assure that for 10 friends you will have 100 euros as a gift that you can use in your daily purchases, depending on the purchases they make. And among what you could buy is classified into: butcher, greengrocer, delicatessen, fishmonger, food, ready meals.

As you will realize, it is an innovative idea to encourage people to buy since the quality of what you will consume is assured in addition to the discounts always necessary for this type of mandatory products at home.

Link: Buy Fresh