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If you want to have a good experience surfing the internet, watching television and enjoying a telephone line, then it is important that you have information about optimum spanish.

But for this, you must continue reading and you will know everything the company offers you so that you can decide to hire the service, for which you need the phone number or the way to get in touch …

Services offered by optimum español

Optimum Spanish offers you satellite television, internet, Wi Fi and telephony with a better service in terms of speed by being part of Altice, the global entertainment, media and telecommunications company.

In this way you will receive high quality products and better service with higher speed internet and a device in which you can integrate all your equipment without this innovation affecting your bill.

For example, you can have 300Mbps internet and television with Optimun Amplify, the intelligent high voice paying a price of $ 1 for 3 months.

In addition, with plans that include hotsposts, when you are in a park, a restaurant or a train station, you will always have a connection because you will access more than 2 million hotsposts.

On the other hand, the company always helps you with any questions you have, since you will find customer service available every day of the year at any time.

What Optimum Cable offers in Spanish

Optimum cable in english offers you voice remote control so you can synchronize the programs and channels you want.

Also with the Altice One application on Apple TV you can enjoy all the functions for entertainment. You even enjoy sports, shows and movies in Ultra HD 4K.

With Altice One you can get all the applications that interest you directly as Prime Video, Youtube Y Netflix.

You can choose the package you prefer depending on your personal tastes, such as: The Core TV package gives you more than 220 channels, but if you choose the select TV package you will be able to enjoy more than 340 channels and if you choose the premier TV package you will enjoy more than 420 channels, but you can also upgrade your package by adding extras such as international channels or sports programs.

With the 1Giga TV + Internet package you have Cloud DVR, which allows you to simultaneously record up to 15 shows so that you can later watch your favorite recorded shows.

But also with Video On Demand it offers you to enjoy movies and the latest television shows whenever you want.

How to contact optimum customer service 1-844-527-5633

  • If you need to communicate to request your residential service with optimum customer service You can do it from Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. at 6pm by calling 1-844-527-5633
  • You can contact 1-866-347-4784 in the event that you are interested in changing plans and upgrading.
  • In the event that you need the service and you reside in Connecticut, you can call 203-870-2583, the residential customer service number, or call 203-870-2492 if you want to purchase optimum service.
  • If you live on Long Island, the residential customer service number is 631-393-0637 and if you want to purchase the service you can call 631-393-0707.
  • If you live in New Jersey and want to purchase the service, call 973-230-2037 and if you want to contact residential customer service contact: 973-230-6048.
  • If you live in Westchester, Brooklyn or the Bronx and want to purchase the service, contact: 718-975-1140 and if you need to contact residential customer service you can call 718-860-3514.

What does optimum in Spanish internet offer?

Optimum in Spanish internet It offers you a speed to surf up to 1 Giga, since you can also choose internet 500 and internet 300.

In addition, with advanced technology incorporated, you receive Wi Fi coverage throughout your home because all your devices are detected so that you get the best signal without interruptions.

With any plan you choose, you will access News 12+ and News 12 so that you can keep up with the latest local news update, because with your Optimun internet service and the News 12 application you access the online coverage so you can see the best of the news live 24 hours.

Even if you have children who stay at home all day and require internet to educate themselves or live with the elderly, you may be eligible for Altice Advantage Internet 30 Mb even if due to lack of payment they have disconnected the internet and you will access it for a price of $ 14.99 per month.

How do I pay the optimum Spanish bill

If you need to make the payment of the invoice of optimum spanish You can do it a very easy and practical way and at no additional charge you will see your account statements in addition to paying the invoice online, to do this, follow these steps:

  1. To pay the invoice, go to
  2. When logging in, you must fill in the blank fields with your Optimum ID and password and then click on Login to
  3. If you do not have the Optimum ID, on the right side click on create an Optimum ID and you will create your username and password so that you can later pay the bill online.

Although you can pay the bill by mail and in person, paying online is convenient because you will access the account statement of your recent billing and history. You can also adjust the different payment options according to your convenience and you will avoid the delay of payment with its consequent surcharge.

What is the optimum number in Spanish?

If you need to know the optimum number in spanish, you must bear in mind that the hours are from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 11p.m., Saturdays from 7.m. at 10p.m. and on Sundays from 7a.m. at 10p.m. Call 1-866-218-3259 if you want to change categories.

If you need to communicate and you have the Optimum service for business, you should call customer service-billing at 888-276-5255 from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. at 5p.m. and Saturdays from 9a.m. at 1p.m.

How to contact optimum online Spanish (1-800-291-8564)

In addition to contact optimum online english by phone you can also contact by online chat from, click on Message us now and the chat will open so you can start talking with a representative and in case you need to communicate about piracy and cable theft you can call 1-800-291-8564.

What is Spanish bean sport at optimum?

You know what is bean sport spanish in optimum, as it is the sports television network that you can access to watch international sports content such as volleyball, tennis, motorcycle racing, basketball, car racing and rugby.

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