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Requirements to work as an Amazon delivery person

You want to get with Amazon flex Spanish good earnings from $ 18 to $ 25 per hour? But you don’t know what this system is? Well, you find it very attractive to make money with Amazon in a very simple way but you are stuck because you do not know how to handle yourself and it is likely that you do not know what this possibility that Amazon offers you is about.

Well then, below you will read what it is and how you can join all the entrepreneurs who are already receiving these profits,

Benefits offered by amazon flex spanish

Amazon flex Spanish, offers you to earn between 18 and 25 dollars per working hour with a flexible schedule, that is, you can manage your own work schedule.

In other words, if you were looking for a job, you can get it because it is available in more than 50 cities in the United States and cities are always being added because there are many people who want to enter this type of work.

Even if you are in a city that is not on the list of cities where it is currently available, you can put yourself on a waiting list so that when an available opportunity arises in your city you will receive a notification and can join.

Cities with availability of Amazon flex in Spanish

At the moment the cities with availability of Spanish amazon flex are:

Aktron, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinatti, Ckleveland, Columbia SC, Columbus OH, Dallas Ft. Valor, Denver, Detroit, Grand Rapids – Kalamazoo, Greensboro ,.

Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas, Kentucky, Las Vegas. Big Island, Los Angeles, Louisiana, Lubbock, Miami Fl, Lauderdale, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Jersey, New York, Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland, Orlando, Desert, CA,

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Fenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, OR, Raleigh, Richmond, VA, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, Bahia San Francisco, Seattle – Tacoma, St. Louis, Stockton, Tampa St. Pete, Tucson, Utah and Virginia Beach ,

What is amazon flex?

Amazon flex Spanish, It allows you to work with your car with an hourly wage of between $ 18 and $ 25 delivering packages, as this is Amazon’s new program, through which it offers to receive and order Prime Now products in one hour.

That is, you must deliver the packages in an hour as long as you join with a car and a smartphone.

You can join the program as a driver, then you can notify Amazon when you want to work, since the number of hours per work day is up to you.

In other words, if you want to work two hours a day, four, eight, 12 hours, you can tell them that you want to work that amount of hours.

Therefore, based on the schedule you choose as your work shift, you must pick up packages at the location that is closest to Amazon and then deliver them to Amazon customers in that local area.

In this way, if you have a full-time job, you can indicate to Amazon that you have availability after finishing your work day and you will continue working part-time as a driver in the Amazon program.

In short, you will be earning extra money just transporting packages, because if you do not like transporting strangers you will not do it, since it is not a program like Uber, because no one will sit next to you.

However, they only indicate that the lowest or highest values ​​only depend on the scope of delivery and work area.

Amazon flex app

You can download the amazon flex app like this:

  1. Open your browser on your iOS or Android phone, be it Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.
  2. Go to
  3. When the download is complete, go to the My Files folder or the folder that your phone has as Downloads.
  4. To install the application, click on the amazon icon.
  5. You have already downloaded the application.
  6. Amazon will ask you several questions to get you started.
  7. You must indicate where you want to make the deliveries, as there are several locations that are available for a limited time.
  8. Then you will choose the region where you want to deliver.
  9. Click Next.

Amazon flex Miami Spanish

At amazon flex Miami, those who entered the program indicate that the average salary is between $ 17 and $ 119 per hour.

Also, although you can select your work schedule, it is not easy for you to get those hours that you like and you are deductible.

Therefore you should be aware of your mobile phone to know if they have gotten package deliveries within your time range and you will work as a contractor.

As a list the warehouses and delivery locations in Miami are:

  • FFL2 – Miami: 1201-1211 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131
  • RFL1 – Miami: 1201-1211 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131
  • UFL2 – Miami: 101 NE 23rd Street, Miami, FL 33137
  • DMI3 – Virginia Gardens: 3966 NW 65th Ave, Virginia Gardens, FL 33166
  • FMI3 – Virginia Gardens: 3966 NW 65th Ave, Virginia Gardens, FL 33166
  • DMI2 – Miami: 3200 Northwest 67th Avenue, Miami, FL 33122
  • MIA6 – Miami: 3200 NW 67th Avenue, Miami, FL 33122
  • DM11 – Miami Gardens: 15600 NW 15th Ave., Miami Gardens, FL 33169
  • UFL1 – Miami Gardens: 15600 NW 15th Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33169
  • RMI1 – Southwest Miami: 8855 SW 50th Terrace, Miami, FL 33165
  • FFL1 – Doral: 820 NW 41st St, Doral, FL 33178

Amazon flex Las vegas

Amazon flex las vegas may have availability to deliver many packages but the delivery within your shift is variable because it is stipulated that the delivery is timed to give you round-trip time so that you can deliver packages that you did not have time to have delivered.

The list of Amazon warehouses and delivery locations near Las Vegas is as follows:

  • RNV1 – Las Vegas: 100 E Ogden Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • LAS2 – Las Vegas: 3837 Bay Lake Trail, Suite 111 North, Las Vegas, NV 89030
  • UNV1 – Las Vegas: 3650 East Post Road. Suite E, Las Vegas, NV 89120
  • LASX – North Las Vegas: North Lamb Blvd and Tropical Parkway, North Las Vegas, NV 89081
  • OTC1 – Palo Verde: 257 S Pavilion Center Dr, LasVegas, NV 89144

Apply for work at amazon

If you want to work with amazon flex spanish, you need:

1.Have a car that is reliable.

  1. You must be over 21 years old.
  2. If you pass the background check you will have no problems with the registration.
  3. Having a car is mandatory, as you cannot make deliveries by bicycle or on foot.

How much do you earn with amazon flex spanish

The average salary of amazon flex Spanish is between 18 to 25 dollars per hour, as they are the reference values ​​indicated by amazon and the applicants are informed.

In any case, Amazon does not indicate if that salary scale can be exceeded or how they consider the intermediate values.

Work as a delivery for Amazon

In addition to the above requirements to work as a delivery for Amazon you need a 4-door sedan car, a minivan or a van, since two-door cars are not accepted.

Keep in mind that amazon does not care how old your car is, but its condition and size are important, because your car will not be inspected, but if it is very old and therefore unreliable, it is likely that you will not be accepted. .