Requirements to register a business or small business

You must meet certain legal requirements when you need to solve how to register a business. You will have to go through bureaucratic procedures that need your patience, all entrepreneurs like you have had to overcome several obstacles when thinking about joining the business market, without being distracted further you will know the process to incorporate your company into the market and register it.

Step by step how to register a business in the United States

Step 1: First of all to solve how to register a business you should think about what the legal structure of your business will be. Each of the possible structures have different fiscal, financial and legal considerations, therefore which structure you decide will depend on what type of control you hope to have, the need to request financing and other issues that will ultimately determine the legal structure of your company.

Even that structure you choose will have to do with registration requirements. In fact, it may be that once you have chosen the legal structure, you will present the forms to the local government and / or the state government and even depending on each state you will find different requirements.

Sole proprietorship registration

If you choose a legal structure as a sole proprietor, it will be a company managed by a single person. Most states require that you use your own name as your business name, unless you want a fancy name instead of your own name, in which case that business name called Doing Business As or DBA, you will need to register.

Although you initially chose the sole proprietorship structure, it may be that over time your company expands and you decide to change the structure to an LLC, since in this way you obtain coverage for liability risks.

Step 2: If you do not want to use your own name as a business name and you choose a fictitious name or DBA you must register it.

But keep in mind that the legal name of your business will be your own name if that business is owned by you. Then it will be your full name.

However, in the event that you have chosen to form a partnership, the legal name of the business will be the one you described in the association agreement, which may be the last names of the partners.

If you decided to create a corporation or LLC, the legal name is the one you confirmed to the state government. Keep in mind that the legal business name is the one you will use on all government-owned documents such as employer’s permit, licenses, and application for tax identification.

Assuming your name is John Torres and you change your business name to Kansas Catering and therefore you do not use John Torres As a legal name, you will need to register the fictitious business name with a government agency and you will be able to use that chosen name which is fictitious.

You must go to the corresponding government agency according to where you live and you will register it with the state government or according to the state you must register it with the county clerk’s office, but as each state has its own regulations it is also possible that you do not need to register a name fictional.

Step 3: Some organizations, corporations, business associations and companies with employees require an EIN, the employer identification number that you must manage in the United States Internal Revenue Service. You can apply for the EIN for free online, but always find out if your state requires it.

Step 4Getting your federal tax ID is just as important as registering with your state revenue agency, getting your tax ID and permitting from your state revenue agency.

You may need to obtain a sales tax permit or seller’s license if you sell products, as they will help you collect sales tax. You must manage it in the state government and / or local government.

Tax permit

As a business owner, almost every state will require you to register your business with the state tax agency applying for tax permits.

Income tax

Similarly, almost all states require you to levy a business income tax. This tax obligation is according to the legal structure of your business.

If you chose a legal structure such as LLC, an independent lien from the owners corresponds, if you chose the legal structure as a sole proprietor, you will declare personal and business income taxes on the same form.

Employment taxes

As a business owner, you are responsible for paying state and federal employment taxes. You must pay for state workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance.

Even California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, and Rhode Island are states that require temporary disability insurance.

Corporation registration

In the case of corporation registration, if you form your company in the United States to open a bank account or a merchant account but you will not open a branch, you will not have a physical presence, you can choose Wyoming that has annual fees of 50 dollars while Daleware has a $ 250 fee, Nevada $ 325. Even Wyoming, Nevada, and Delaware know how to deal with international clients without a local office, making opening a bank account much easier.

If you open a physical office that operates in Florida, you can choose to establish it in Delaware, but that state where you open the office will require you to re-register it, because you qualify Delaware for opening a physical business in Florida.

How to register a business

You do not need to be a US citizen to register a business in the United States.

  1. If you want to form an LLC, think first of all in what state you will open your business.
  2. Choose the name for your LLC.
  3. Choose a registered agent.
  4. Archive the articles of the organization.
  5. Create an operating agreement.
  6. Obtain the employer identification number, EIN and you will have access to open a United States bank account, you will be able to accept payments from the United States, you will pay United States taxes, you will be able to register for the state tax, you will pay taxes on the income of origin if you are a resident Outside the United States, you will pay taxes on world income if you are a resident of the United States, you can obtain business licenses and permits, you can hire employees and obtain insurance.

Registered Agent

The registered agent needs a physical address in the state where the LLC is formed.

The registered agent service is the company that your company nominates for receiving and sending official state documents on your behalf.


The EIN is the employer identification number, the LLC’s tax identity, that you need to open a bank account, for the payment of state taxes, for the hiring of employees and also the EIN is requested by other companies for payments over $ 600 in a calendar year.

The EIN, you get it from the IRS without paying a fee, but you will request it once you have formed the LLC.

How to register a company in the united states

  1. Make sure you meet all federal requirements before starting your business, as each state has its own tax rules for starting and operating a business.
  2. Before starting your business you need insurance coverage, then find out what type of insurance you require.
  3. When hiring employees you should know that you can only hire people who have permission to work in the United States, you can check with E-verify online to know the eligibility of potential employees, you only have to register your company in E-verify.
  4. Comply with the consumer protection law by finding out your rights and responsibilities including advertising, marketing, privacy and security among other concepts.

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