Requirements to open a spa

Today you will receive advice on requirements to open a spaWell, if you have thought about creating a business, it is a great option as a company.

Well, if you are ready to face this challenge, in a few months you can have it open and you will start offering SPA services.

To do this, continue …

Step by step the requirements to open a spa

First step: As a first step of the requirements to open a spa It will be to start observing your competition depending on whether you know what services it offers and the prices that will guide you.

Investigate personally for example requesting a massage service in other establishments in your area.

Step two: Make a draft choosing the services you plan to offer in order to determine the physical space you need for your spa.

For example, if you decide to offer a manicure and pedicure service, massage service, facial treatment, body wrap, shower, spray tan, hairdresser, you should bear in mind that some of these services will require a special design of the electrical supply and plumbing.

Once you have decided on all the services you will offer, think about the physical space of each of them.

Step three: Do an exploration of the places where your business will work best, as you will have to locate it near a residential area and luxury depending on the services you will offer.

In fact, your location must be accessible to the arrival of the residents around you.

You can choose to build the building, renovate an existing building, or you can try to find a building that works as a spa.

Step four: Since you can also rent a building, then sign the lease or make the purchase to begin construction of the building where the spa will operate.

If you are making profound changes to the building, you will likely need to hire an architect.

But if you do not build or if you only do renovations in the building, start decorating it and plan how you will establish the rooms to offer the services.

Step five: Hire employees determining the amount according to the services you will offer and the treatment rooms and hours of operation.

Depending on the state where your business will operate, you must comply with the requirements to open a spa in that state, as some will require you to manage employee licenses, so make sure your employees have a license and liability insurance.

You may also need a special store license and sales tax identification number if you plan to offer retail products.

Step six: Buy the necessary equipment for each spa treatment and you will also need a desk and counter in addition to the computer system, shelves to locate the products, the pedicure chairs, the tables for massages and manicures, the equipment for the facial treatment, the bedding for each treatment room and the facility for relaxing music in all rooms.

Step seven: It establishes the price of each treatment and incorporates its name with the price in the database.

Step eight: Remember that you must manage public services if you do not have them provided yet, such as garbage service, internet, telephone, gas, electricity, water and sewerage.

Step 9: Request the construction of a sign to be placed outside, create a website, place advertisements in local newspapers, distribute coupon flyers, make press releases and any type of promotion that your budget allows.

Step ten: Have an opening party offering mini spa treatments as a promotion complementing them with an aperitif and light menu.

In the meantime, talk about your services and the prices with the added value that you will give them when they receive them and even offer them a discount by programming a day and time.

Licenses and requirements to open a SPA

All of your employees including estheticians, masseurs, stylists and makeup artists must have their state approved license confirming their training in the specialty.

Contact your state Board of Cosmetology for information on the licensing requirements and services that will be covered by the license, as well as the schools that pass the exam to apply for within your area.

Determine if it will benefit you to hire technicians to provide services instead of obtaining the training yourself, since you can also focus only on the management of the spa, as the Small Business Administration can give you good help in learning the basic skills to manage your business .

Permits: Once you have established the name of your spa, you will need to determine a limited liability company and register the business with the Department of State.

Well, limited liability companies have certain tax benefits that you can check with an accountant.

Other permits include federal tax identification, sales tax, and a certificate of occupancy or zoning.

You will also need a liability insurance policy to protect your business against damage, theft and fire in addition to commercial vehicle insurance and workers’ compensation.

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