Requirements to open a car wash business

Start an enterprise like that of open car wash business (Car wash business) it’s not that easy because you don’t know where to start. There are many ideas and doubts, for example you think about the location of your business, financing for the purchase of work equipment, marketing, when to start marketing it and many others that delay its start.

But if you have with you a help with the steps to follow so that everything is easier and faster, you will know where to start, so keep reading and start your business successfully.

Step by step to open a car wash business – Car wash business

In order to open a car wash business follow this step by step and you will know where to start:

Step 1.- The location:

The location of your business is the first thing to think about for you to be successful, remember that you will need to obtain a zoning permit.

Therefore, evaluate the location by investigating the environment, your competition in the area, if it is an area crowded by cars and the type of street.

Walk around the area, investigating in advance the type of traffic and if it is a residential area or surrounded by businesses. Only after you’ve taken enough time to research do you decide the location.

Step 2.- The local competition:

Research the competition in the area by finding out the number of clients of each of them and the frequency with which they wash their clients’ cars.

The loyalty of these customers can be a risk for you, therefore try to get away from those dangerous areas to grow your business, because a single car wash business as competition will not be dangerous but if in that area they abound, then you will have to grieve to stay away especially when it comes to having loyal customers.

Step 3.- Investigation of the local market:

Marketing research does not end, since you must know more about your competition, in the sense of knowing the services that it offers successfully and that are accepted by customers, as it will be important since you are just starting in this business or that you have retaken it after a while.

Well, as time passes you need to modernize including new technologies, then learn about them so that you can offer customers similar services improving as much as you can.

Step 4.- Business plan:

Establish a short-term and long-term business plan, carefully detailing each of the services your business will offer including costs and overheads.

The more detailed your business plan and the exhaustive your research, the more success you will have with your bank or with your investors.

Step 5.- Financing:

The success of obtaining financing will depend on the development of your business plan and what you have investigated, since if you propose a type of solid income model, it will be easier for you to convince investors to constitute the capital to start your New business.

In fact, you will show that you need sufficient funds to open a car wash business with high-quality work equipment and that it also has a potential return.

However, in order for you to receive financing, it is necessary that you prepare a resume that convinces investors or that you demonstrate experience in car washing and of course you must present a marketing plan that is solid.

Step 6.- Branding and brand:

Call the attention of the local market with a good design of your car wash. Design it so that you can offer quick and easy service in a building that accepts a large number of clients without wasting time waiting for the attention of those who arrived earlier.

Perfect how much design you know or your competition presents, plan a fast and complete menu of services that is proven throughout the country, because the design should show professionalism and sophistication without losing sight of the need that the appearance of your business should always be attractive in the eyes of your customers.

Step 7.- Advertising and promotion:

At this time, with everything planned, you should start promoting your business, because the whole community should know that you opened your business.

For this you must advertise for example in the local press and on local radio.

You can place ads on television and you can even build a database of your first customers who can be your family and friends.

Make an initial promotion with posters that will advertise very cheap promotional rates, as you can also get very good results if you offer free washes as a promotion during the first days after the opening of your business.

Permits to open a car wash business – Car wash business

You need to manage the permits and licenses to open your business. However, the requirements are different depending on the state where your business is located.

SBA has its official site where you will find a list of business license offices. But in addition to a business license you will need the tax identification number and you may need a sales tax license, withholding tax and unemployment insurance tax.

You can find out the requirements for your business insurance at the state business office in your business area.

Once you obtain all the permits and licenses you need, keep track of the renewal dates and make a copy of them for your business records, as you must expose the car wash license to your customers.

Well, at the city or county office you should go to licensing department and you will ask for an application and information on local codes for the use of services, insurance, tax rates and if you need to register the commercial name of your business by going to the patent and trademark office.

In fact, each city and area has different rules, so you must make sure to maintain your business in accordance with the provisions of the law of the area where you will work with your business.

In this sense, you should obtain information about the prices of public services, wastewater, limits on the use of water and other information that has to do with the opening of your specific business.

Car wash sanitary licenses

Requirements for the feasibility of water and sewerage for the commercial business: The objective is to ensure the supply in quantity and quality of drinking water; as well as the elimination of sanitary drainage. Each unit has specific requirements for commercial companies that use the water and dispose of it in the sewer system. State regulations vary according to water restrictions and the problems faced by each particular area. Professional self-cleaning equipment can be adapted with different water treatment and recycling systems to meet the strictest requirements that may exist in the United States and Latin America.

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