Requirements to obtain student loans in Mexico

How to access student loans: If you want to advance in your studies and do not have your own money to pay for that advance, the student loans They are a solution for you, because if you are interested in doing a master you should continue reading because then you will know the possibilities you have in Mexico to prosper in your career, because you will know everything about the student card, loans for university students, young people and all the information you need to have with you for your professional benefit …

What is the benefit of student loans

  • The student loans, when you are pursuing a university degree, they benefit you because it helps you obtain your university degree at an institution of higher education.
  • They are beneficial because the interest rate is very low for all students to access.
  • In addition, the only mandatory requirement is that you demonstrate that you are taking the study you indicate to take and on the other hand it is a very fast application and approval, because you will immediately receive the disbursement of the money you request.
  • Depending on the institution that grants the loan, you can not only finance your own education but also that of your spouse, children, siblings and grandchildren.

How are student loans Mexico

The loans for students Mexico They are student loans that are generally granted by an educational institution, although there are a few financial companies and banks that also grant them and it is for this reason that since they are not regulated by law enforcement agencies, they are usually somewhat expensive in these few cases.


  • As a student you must be at least 18 years old.
  • You will present a joint obligor over 25 years of age with verifiable income and good credit history.

What are college student loans for?

Keep in mind that loans for college students They only serve for school training purposes, therefore the money you receive cannot be allocated to another event since you must allocate it to train and study.

In other words, you can use it to pay for a doctorate, a master’s degree, a specialization, a diploma, a technical career, a bachelor’s degree or a high school including that you can take classes online or make the payment in a language school.

The money you receive can be used to pay for a semester, semester, quarter or for the payment of the last years of your degree, which you can pay in full.

In short, you can request a university loan at an institution authorized for this purpose, a private university or a bank where you will request the total cost of the enrollment or a percentage of it with the possibility of repayment in several years.

What is the best credit card for students?

You want to know what is the best credit card for studentsWell, you have the B-Smart CitiBanamex, my first BBVA Bancomer card, the Zero Santander, the Banorte 40 card and the American Express card.

How to get a Banamex credit card for students?

You know how to get a Banamex credit card for students, as you need proof of your studies, be between 20 and 24 years old, official identification, university credential and proof of address.

How to get a credit card as a student?

You know how to get a credit card as a studentYou will apply if at least your income is between $ 1500 and $ 6000 and of course you prove that you are a student and valid official identification.

Alternatives student loans

As alternatives you have:

  1. The bank credits that you obtain through banking institutions so that you can carry out your studies in Mexico or abroad.

You will be presented with a payment scheme distributed throughout your career, the cost of tuition and in the first years of your professional career, for example it can be granted by Santander and BBVA Bancomer.

  1. Non-bank loans, which are granted to you by credit institutions, sofomes and sofoles. In these institutions you will find more flexibility requirements although some will charge you a commission.
  2. The credits from educational institutes provided by the educational institution where you will study. Its characteristic is that they are short and medium term and you will start paying when you finish your studies.
  3. Government credit is awarded to you when you complete graduate, engineering, or undergraduate studies in Mexico and at universities with this NAFIN program.
  4. When you search personal loans for students in Mexico And you only find obstacles, you can count on Credy24 when you can’t get it in a bank, whether you want to study in Mexico or abroad.
  5. If you are looking youth loans First of all, you must be between 18 and 21 years old, fulfilling this requirement, you have:
  • Kreditiweb, which offers you loans from $ 1000 to $ 15000, with a repayment period of 7 days to 84 months, but to access you must have a good credit history and be the owner of a bank account.
  • Prestadodos is another option that offers you from $ 1000 to $ 20,000, as a requirement you must present an endorsement or guarantee.
  • Credy offers you loans for $ 1000 to $ 30,000, with a repayment period of 3 days to 12 months and as a requirement you must have a bank account.

How does the student credit card work?

The credit card for students It is the easiest to obtain and it is the best way to start building your credit history.

You must show that you are between 18 and 25 years old and a document that shows that you are studying at university. With a very simple application without verifying income but with a credit limit, you will obtain your card with commissions and costs that vary according to the institution, but will always be lower than those of traditional cards and even many of them will not charge you commissions or annuity .

To obtain the Bancomer student credit card You need valid official identification, proof of address no more than 3 months old, proof of income and if you are a foreigner the passport and a copy of your immigration form.

You can take out the coppel credit card for students and receive the departmental card to have the Coppel credit and make payments at any branch in the country.

If you access the credit card for Santander students Zero does not need to present proof of income or credit history.

The Banorte student credit card It requires a minimum age of 18 years and a maximum of 69 years of age.

What is a student card?

Did you understand what is a student card, as it is a card aimed at young people of legal age who attend university and also have minimal income.

It is the way to help young people to have their first credit card and build a credit history.

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