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Requirements to obtain Sams inbursa cards

The sams Inbursa card It is ideal for you if you want to make purchases on credit and obtain it without the need for many requirements and in addition to being a decisive credit.

However, although it is the card that you should get, it is essential that you meet certain requirements, do you want to know them? Then you can read them and if you comply with all of them and you can request and they will grant it to you:

What are the requirements of the sams Inbursa card

If you meet all the following requirements, you will have no problem applying for the sams Inbursa card, because you will surely get it:

  1. You must be a person over 18 years of age.
  2. You must be working, have been in that job for at least 24 months, and show proof of income.
  3. If you do not have a credit history, you must present the last two proof of income.
  4. Present the IFE (voter credential, professional credential, your valid passport and immigration form FM2 or FM3.
  5. Present a proof of address such as a copy of the electricity or water bill that is not older than 3 months and you can also present the payment of the last property period.
  6. Your monthly income must be a minimum of 5,000 Mexican pesos.

Sams Inbursa card benefits

You already know all the requirements that you must meet to have the sams inbursa card, because now below you will know all the benefits that you can access once you obtain it:

  1. The fact that it only requires a minimum monthly income of 5,000 Mexican pesos is a benefit for you to obtain your card because it is an amount that many people access and makes it feasible to obtain.
  2. Just by presenting your proof of income and without the need for a credit history you can obtain it, which is why it is ideal for you if you still do not have a credit card and have not started your credit history. But if you already got a card, in this case your credit history must be good.
  3. It is a card that is backed by MasterCard. Therefore, you can use it at Sam’s Club Mexico or outside of Mexico.
  4. You benefit from the loyalty program, because for every purchase you make in any of the Walmart group stores, Superama, Bodega Aurrera, Walmart and Sam’s Club, you get 3% cash back.
  5. If you buy, for example, a patio set, home furniture, mattresses or white goods with your payment of more than 10,000 Mexican pesos, the freight is free if you need it to be delivered within a radius of no more 15 km. From the store.
  6. The Walmart and Sam’s Club group stores benefit you with discounts and promotions in installments without interest.

Disadvantages of the sams inbursa card

So far you have known the requirements to obtain the sams inbursa card and what its benefits are, because then it is time to read the information about its disadvantages so that you can evaluate if it is a card that you should really obtain:

  1. The first disadvantage is that of the weighted interest rate of 41.2%, which is the highest charged by co-issued.
  2. The card will charge you an annuity, as there is no option that you do not pay the annuity during the first year as many can offer you, therefore you must pay 500 Mexican pesos + VAT once a year.
  3. If you request an additional card, they will charge you an annuity of 100 Mexican pesos.
  4. The commission for the replacement for the wear and tear of the card is 50 Mexican pesos each time you request it.
  5. If your card is lost or stolen, you will be charged for its replacement every time you request 50 Mexican pesos.
  6. Every time you need to have cash at Inbursa bank ATMs or RED ATMs in foreign countries or at authorized third-party ATMs, for each withdrawal they will recharge a percentage of 5% on the amount of money you need to withdraw .
  7. Every time you need to have cash and you go to the Inbursa bank windows, they will also charge you 5% on the amount of money you need.
  8. They will also charge you 350 Mexican pesos for collection expenses.

Inbursa sams card

In short, the disadvantages are not many, since it has more advantages than disadvantages, therefore you already have all the information you need to evaluate if it is convenient for you to obtain the sams inbursa card meeting all requirements.

  1. Well, when evaluating everything you read, it is a good option if you are thinking of becoming a Sam’s Club customer or you already are, because you constantly receive a return percentage for each expense and you receive facilities in your payments and promotions.
  2. You know that if you are just starting out on the subject of cards and you do not have a credit history, you can obtain it and with it you can buy anywhere in the world because it is a card backed by MasterCard.
  3. Although you may think that the interest rate is wing, which is true, you can finance yourself by taking advantage of the promotions that will always be present and you will buy in installments without interest, which is a great advantage as a cardholder.
  4. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining a card, but keep in mind that it is a very good option when you need cash immediately because when you do compas in the Walmart group clubs they will always return 3% of what you spend on those compas and you will immediately have that percentage in cash.
  5. If you buy at Sam’s Club with the Sam’s Club super card you save 2.3%, it is the same as if you paid with cash and that 2.3% is added to the 3% return in cash that they give you back right away, therefore you will be saving 5.3%.
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