Requirements to obtain an educational credit this 2021

How to obtain an educational credit: If you want to finish your studies and you don’t have enough money to enroll in a postgraduate degree, a educative credit it is what will help you achieve your goal.

In fact you can apply to access scholarships or credits that are granted to students, to know all the useful information for you in that situation, continue reading and you will know how they work and what you need in sonora, hermosillo, the one offered by banamex, bancomer, santander and above all you will know what it is specifically about and how to request it …

What is the educational credit for?

The educative credit It helps you finish your studies whether you are thinking of doing a graduate, engineering or bachelor’s degree.

It is ideal when you have financial problems and you cannot afford that expense and depending on the type of financing you need, you can access different types of educational credit, for example:

Types of educational credit

You can access an educational financing that the institute gives you, a student loan, a government educational loan, an online loan for education, a student loan, and even a loan for you to study abroad.

  • The Fiderh postgraduate study credit provides you with a credit for you to study abroad, by punctual payment you get a reduction in interest rates, you start paying only during the work stage and finances you from $ 150,000 to $ 200,000.
  • Credit to study postgraduate studies Santander offers you financing with the support of NAFIN, with a response time of 5 days, it does not charge you commission for opening, the commission for non-payment is $ 200, you can access a financing amount from $ 20,000 without limit and with an interest rate of 15.90%
  • Credit from private universities: you can access the credit offered by the same institution, whose requirement is a co-accredited person who assumes the payment commitment when you as a student finish your studies.

The university also offers you the scholarship-credit modality in which you will pay part of the credit while you are studying, another part as a scholarship and the rest when graduating.

While you are studying, you will pay the interest or the difference between the amount you were awarded and the tuition if that amount does not cover it in full.

When you finish the degree you will pay the interest with a grace period of 6 months and at the end of the degree you will pay fixed monthly payments until you cover the amount of the credit that you were granted.

Government programs through the program offered by NAFIN in conjunction with universities in the country and banking institutions.

It is a credit with which you will pay the registration to the tuition, undergraduate or graduate degree, with an interest rate that varies according to each financial institution, with a repayment term of 15 years.

You can access a maximum of $ 2,150,000 for your undergraduate study and $ 280,000 for your graduate study. If you are interested in the program, you can start the process at the same university, at a financial institution or at NAFIN.

What do I need to obtain the educational credit requirements

So you can get a educational credit requirements, note that:

  • Your nationality must be Mexican.
  • Have a co-creditor or guarantor.
  • Have the acceptance of the university.
  • You should not have a negative credit bureau.
  • In the proof of studies for the previous year, your average must be 7.0 at least.

Scholarship and educational credit alternatives

To access scholarships and educational credit You must enter the SEP scholarship website where you will find the offers on scholarships granted by the federal government and that are available to you so that you can study different levels of education from basic, higher, postgraduate including teaching, culture and sports, for example:

  1. Common space of Higher Education ECOES, offers you programs and study plans with the objective of student mobility through calls for example for the bachelor’s degree, enter and follow the procedure.
  2. Consortium of Mexican Universities CUMEX: offers you a national and international mobility program with scholarship financing. Login to and you will see the call for Cumex membership scholarships.
  3. National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education ANUIES: as a non-governmental organization, it offers you to enroll in the course you want by entering
  4. CONACYT: It offers you scholarships that you can access if you are a Mexican professional and want to carry out a postgraduate study in humanistic, social, technological and scientific areas abroad.

Sonora educational credit

The sound educational credit It is granted by the Government of the State of Sonora and the Ministry of Education and Culture through the Institute of scholarships and educational credit of Sonora.

They are oriented to primary and secondary study in the public schools of Sonora, you can access a scholarship if you are a student of a public education institution from the first year of primary to the third year of secondary

Scholarships and educational credit Sonora

Regarding the scholarships and sound educational credit, the scholarship is an economic support to cover the registration, the academic fee and the monthly payments in addition to the accommodation.

It is paid in two issues in the school year with a value of $ 1500 for primary and $ 2000 for secondary.

With the modality of educational stimulus to excellence, you receive financial support worth $ 1000 paid in an issue during the school year.

  • Your family must be low-income.
  • Family income must be up to four times the general minimum wage.
  • You must register in the Information and Relationship System for the educational community of Sonora Yoremia. Make the request online at

Hermosillo educational credit

The Hermosillo educational credit It is focused on students who were born in Sonora, so they will request a proof of effective family residence with a minimum of 2 years in Sonora.

In addition, you must be a regular student with a satisfactory average or, failing that, you will present a letter of commitment to regularization and improve your academic performance that the institute will validate.

Banamex educational credit

You can access the Banamex educational credit Going to one of the bank’s branches to request financing for your university degree, a doctorate, a master’s degree or another course that you wish to take in an educational center.

You can access one of the two modalities of the bancomer educational credit that covers all your studies if you are between 18 and 65 years of age at a fixed rate and payments with a term of up to 12 years and without real estate guarantee.

Santander educational credit

You can also access the Santander educational credit for university and postgraduate studies in the amount of $ 20,000 with an interest rate of 15.90% per annum, for a term of 102 months.

HSBC Educational Credit

Go to a bank branch to request the hsbc educational credit If you are between 18 and 74 years old and 11 months old, with the same address for 1 year and one year in your current job and you will be able to access an amount of up to $ 500,000 at an interest rate of 23.99%

What is an educational loan?

You understand what is an educational loanIt is simply a personal credit so that you can finance your graduate or undergraduate studies at one of the participating universities.

¿How to apply for educational credit?

You know how to apply for educational creditWell, you will go to the institution you have decided to complete the application with a copy of the current registration receipt, the proof of salary if you are an employee and if you are an independent worker with a bank receipt.

What happens if I don’t pay my education credit?

You know what happens if I don’t pay my education creditBecause your loan will be immediately delinquent, your credit score will lower, your loan will be defaulted for default after 270 days, interest will increase, you will accumulate arrears and you will not access federal financial aid.

How does educational credit work?

You know how educational credit works, as it is an economic aid that you obtain through a financial institution and that you will pay within a period to be determined when you finish your studies.

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