Requirements to obtain a saldazo card, benefits and risks

Do you want to access the Saldazo card but you don’t know if you meet all the requirements to get it? Well, first of all you should know that the requirements to obtain it are minimal and you also have no need to sign any contract when you request it and they award it to you.

Next you will know what the requirements are so that you can obtain it and you will realize that you surely meet them and you will be able to get it right away …

What do I need to access the Saldazo card

The requirements you need to meet to access the Saldazo card They are:

  1. The INE or voter’s credential.
  2. Provide your full address.
  3. Indicate your date of birth and entity.
  4. Inform your mobile phone number so that you can make use of Transfer and they can send you notifications about your operations with the card.

How to access the Saldazo card

  1. If you meet all these requirements, gather the documentation and go to one of the OXXO stores.
  2. Upon receiving the card, you will be able to make a maximum monthly deposit of 15,000 Mexican pesos.
  3. The money deposited is the only one that you can use with your saldazo card.
  4. Although you must respect the maximum deposit, you should also know that it does not require a minimum balance.
  5. With your card you can make purchases at OXXO stores and other VISA affiliated businesses.

Saldazo Oxxo balance inquiry

Once you have your balance card, when you need to check your balance, follow these steps:

  1. From your mobile phone, send an SMS with the word Balance to 4040.
  2. Then you will receive an SMS for you to indicate the 6 digits of your NIP Transfer.
  3. After that you will receive your balance on the screen of your mobile phone.
  4. Instead of sending an SMS to find out your balance, you can also check it at the ATM of the bank of your choice.

Banamex saldazo card

  1. The saldazo banamex card is the one issued by the bank in conjunction with VISA as a savings account for monthly deposits of up to 15,000 Mexican pesos.
  2. It works like a debit card because you can only use the money you have on your card.
  3. Although it is not a credit card, you benefit because it does not require a minimum balance, you can obtain it without signing a contract and with very few requirements directly at any OXXO store.
  4. Once you have accessed your card, you will participate in OXXO promotions, for which when you receive it, you will activate it and link your card with Telcel.
  5. Keep in mind that the card only works as a means of payment in the Republic of Mexico to make purchases in OXXO stores and in stores affiliated to VISA,

Paypal saldazo card

  1. Associate your card with the Transfer Banamex system and you will obtain the important benefits offered by OXXO in any of its stores.
  2. By associating your card with Transfer Banamex you will be able to transfer money, make purchases and carry out all the movements you want, including the recharge of balance simply by sending an SMS.
  3. You will recharge your Paypal account with OXXO with the Transfer App or by sending an SMS.

I missed my credit card

If after drawing the saldazo card you find yourself in a problem because you lost it, although it is an uncomfortable situation because you will have to do a lot of paperwork and it will be difficult to recover it, because you do not know how to handle yourself …

Do not worry because below you will find the solution to your problem:

  1. From Mexico City, call Customer Service: 4631 2669.
  2. From within the Republic you can call the customer service number: 01 55 4631 2669.
  3. In both cases, you will request that your lost card be canceled.
  4. When you cancel the lost card, you will request that it be replaced at any OXXO store and you will recover it after paying 28.50 Mexican pesos.

In this way, when you recover your card, you will be able to use your Transfer account.

Using Transfer Banamex you manage with your Telcel to receive and send money and pay with your card at any of the affiliated businesses.

Recharging Telcel credit is easy. Well, you only need to send an SMS by writing RECHARGE XXX (XXX is the amount of money you want to recharge.

In fact, with your Transfer Banamex account you get many benefits such as withdrawing cash at Citibanamex ATMs and also at OXXO stores.

You can make purchases and pay with your saldazo card at all VISA affiliated businesses.

You can pay for services such as your mobile phone, electricity bill, home credit, electronic toll collection and pay television.

Although you can obtain many benefits, you must bear in mind that Transfer Banamex associated with your card is only applicable if you are a Telcel user.

How to link the mobile phone to Transfer Banamex

Taking into account that you are a Telcel user, you will link your card with Transfer Banamex in this way:

  1. When you activate your card at any OXXO store, you will indicate your Telcel number.
  2. If you already have Transfer Banamex and you did not link the card, it does not matter go to an OXXO and ask them to link your card.
  3. If the situation is reversed and you have your card but have not yet linked it to your Telcel number, go to a Banamex branch and request that it be linked.

How to activate the Transfer Banamex PIN

Activating the PIN of is also very easy only in 4 steps:

  1. Take your Telcel mobile phone and dial * 4444.
  2. They will ask you to choose a 6-digit number.
  3. Confirm that 6-digit number you chose and your NIP Transfer will be generated.
  4. After that they will notify you that you activated your NIP Transfer successfully.

As an additional detail, the Transfer PIN must be different from the PIN of your card.

How to deposit on the saldazo card

You already took out your card, but now how do you deposit?

  1. Go to an OXXO store with your card number or to a Banamex branch and make the deposit you want and you will receive the deposit receipt.
  2. If a friend or relative wants to send you money, provide them with your card number and that person will be the one who receives the proof of the money sent and you will receive that money immediately.
  3. Keep in mind that the maximum amount of money that is admitted as a deposit is 15,000 Mexican pesos and for each deposit the commission is $ 5.

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