Requirements to obtain a fovissste account statement

You know that it is very easy to consult the Fovissste account statement? Well, about the new status, how to consult it and the old account statement, you are about to read the information that follows.

It is important information because if you need to know your account statement you can find out in a few seconds, but for this you must continue reading:

How the Fovissste account statement works

  1. The system of Fovissste account statement It works in such a way that you can access the Fovissste portal to consult your new fovissste account statement.
  2. It is a system with more security measures that helps to protect the personal injuries of all workers.
  3. These security measures are governed by the provisions in force regarding access to public information and the transparency that it proposes.

What is the new fovissste account statement

  1. The new fovissste account statement it is available to you online
  2. As a beneficiary you can consult your statements through the website and in a secure way.
  3. Fovissste is the Housing Fund of the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers, as the institution made available an online consultation system with access that is personalized for the protection of your personal data, which increases the security measures.
  4. You can enter the new account statement on the institution’s website with your credit number in hand, your CURP and an email address so that you can create your user account with the password you choose, then you need as requirements:
  5. Your valid official identification document.
  6. The original of the public deed that was registered in the public property registry or a document that guarantees the granting of the credit.
  7. The original of the last payment receipt.
  8. The original and a copy of the payment receipts in the box of the Fovissste, dependency / affiliate that require verification or that were not recorded in the detail of credit transactions.
  9. The original and copy of the professional identity card, valid passport or valid voting credential.
  10. Remember that you must scan the documents to attach the images weighing less than 500kb and in jpg format.
  11. To update your Fovissste mortgage credit account statement online, go to In the upper right menu choose the option: Verification of progress of my process or Registration of application.
  12. You can also carry out the procedure in person at the offices of the state and regional delegations of the ISSSTE, housing departments from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 14 hours.
  13. Keep in mind that you will only be able to access the query of your account statement if you are accredited, because this is the way in which the protection of personal data is exercised and the security measures for workers are increased.
  14. It also has a new presentation with a current credit status, important notices and details of the movements of the last four months.
  15. It is even a scheme that invites you to the state service to update your personal data, which will influence the register of those accredited in Fovissste.

How to check the fovissste account statement

You know how to check fovissste account statement? Well just follow these few steps:

Step 1: Once you enter the system to query the account statement, the query about the minimum payment that you must make every month or the debt you have so far, you will see three options:

Step 2: You will be able to view the detail of the account statement with the itemized payments made by SAR, by payroll or by bank with interest until the cut-off date.

In another option, you can view the corresponding payments according to the payroll date if they were reported by agencies or agencies prior to the cut-off date of the Fovissste account statement.

As a third option, you will be able to view the UMA and update, that is, the measure used as a reference for fixing the payment of obligations under current legal regulations and which are presented in the statement of account.

Step 3: The account statement specifies the personal data with the CURP, the RFC, the employment status, the general data address referring to your address when the credit was granted to you.

It also specifies data about the credit with the portfolio, the credit line, the date of the signature, that is, the date of the credit signing before the notary public, the date of dispersion, the status, the currency, the interest rate, the default interest rate and the cut-off date.

Specifies the accrual of credit, credits and charges such as: charges, initial balance, interest, damage insurance, updates, credits, SAR application, Payments, balance and return link of undue discounts, referred to overpayments calculated according to payments that you made, but it is information that you will see when you pay off the entire credit.

How is the old fovissste account statement

The old fovissste account statement it worked in a very simple way:

  1. You go to the Fovissste website.
  2. Click on the Client option and you will see several options, but click Account statements.
  3. Then the system will take you to log in and will request your RFC and CURP.
  4. Then you will know your account statement with the minimum monthly payment and the total debt.
  5. Even if you do not know what your CURP is, in the login menu you will see the option Check your CURP and simply follow the instructions and you will obtain the CURP code to know your debt status.
  6. You should also know that the ISSSTE implemented a system that is in a public scheme known as distribution with contributions from the worker and the State.
  7. As a beneficiary, you are protected by a voluntary scheme and a compulsory scheme that includes services, benefits and insurance.
  8. The benefits are 21 social protection benefits.
  9. They are compulsory insurance according to the ISSSTE law, such as life, disability, old age, unemployment due to old age, retirement, work and health risks.
  10. As for health insurance, they include maternity care, curative medicine, preventive medicine, and physical and mental rehabilitation.
  11. Even as services and benefits that are established as mandatory, there are general financing for personal loans, mortgage loans and cultural and tourist social services including educational programs.
  12. To have access to the benefits as a worker, you are assigned an individual account with six subaccounts such as Voluntary Contributions, Housing Fund, Solidarity Savings, Unemployment due to advanced age and old age, Retirement and as a worker you will make a contribution of 6.125% calculated on your base salary .
  13. Keep in mind that the procedures are free and you can do them online or in the physical offices where you will carry out procedures for pensions, loans and many more.