Requirements to access a famsa loan

If you lack liquidity, think about a famsa credit It is a good option whether you need that money to invest in a business, to buy a car, to repair the one you already have or for whatever you need at the moment.

Since they are loans granted by a prestigious bank with many years in the financial market, accessing one of these loans can be the beginning of a new life for you, for example if you want to start a new business.

First of all, you must know everything you need so that you can access without problems since as a new or old client they will grant it to you if you meet the following requirements.

What are the requirements to access the famsa credit

Access famsa credit It can be easy and fast but as long as you meet all the requirements demanded by the bank, as it is the complete documentation that you must present when you go to a branch with your application.

For this reason, before going to the bank you should dedicate yourself to gathering all the documentation that requires the granting of the loan and in this way they will be able to grant it to you faster.

Beyond the amount of documentation that you must gather to present when you apply for the loan in famsa, you should also think that it is a bank that allows you quick access to the loan and also has the lowest interest rate in the financial market.

In fact, it is a leading bank in mortgage loans and personal loans. Personal credit may be ideal for you if you need liquidity for a wedding celebration or to go on vacation and you cannot count on your salary because it exceeds its value, while mortgage credit is ideal for buying your house with a term from 20 to 30 years.

This is an important detail because depending on the type of credit you need to be granted, your requirements will be different, for example:

Requirements and conditions of the Credinero Famsa or personal family credit

You can access the Famsa creditor, as personal loans are known if:

  1. You are an employee of Mexican or foreign nationality with legal residence in Mexico.
  2. You must show that you have a monthly income of a minimum of $ 5000 from the last three receipts of your salary.
  3. You must present proof of current address.
  4. You must manage the opening of a savings account in the same Famsa bank so that they deposit the money granted from the application and approval of the loan.
  5. You can access a personal loan of between 5,000 and $ 250,000.
  6. Personal loans are repaid over a period of 3 years or 36 months.
  7. Famsa personal loans do not require you to present collateral.
  8. The monthly interest rate is around 3%.
  9. The bank does not charge you administration, disposal or commission fees.

Requirements and conditions of mortgage famsa credit

In order for you to access the mortgage loan from famsa, you must also meet several requirements such as:

  1. You must qualify for an infonavit loan.
  2. You must present your identity document.
  3. You must present the latest payroll receipts.
  4. You must present a proof of current address with the electricity, telephone, property or similar bill.
  5. The monthly interest for the famsa mortgage loan is 1.5%
  6. The financing has a repayment term of up to 30 years.
  7. In both modalities, the amount of money that you are approved for the loan will vary according to what you show as monthly income and also expenses, since the bank will evaluate if you have used loans in other institutions.
  8. When they have approved the loan, they will give you the departmental card so that you can buy products in the store or to withdraw the money you need from the cash register.
  9. On the other hand, the loan will take from 24 to 48 hours depending on the branch you go to and yourself as a client and your particularities.

We lend famsa

Famsa loans are also ideal for small and medium-sized companies for whom the bank makes microcredits available.

Through famsa microcredits for small and medium-sized companies, it is possible to have liquidity to purchase machinery, to equip the business, to supply the business, expand or remodel it.

  1. They are microcredits with a repayment term of up to 36 months.
  2. The microcredits from famsa have a fixed interest rate, therefore the payments will always have a fixed value and without an annuity.

Requirements for microcredits famsa

  1. You must present your valid official identification such as your IFE or your passport.
  2. You must present proof of residence of the business and the person.
  3. If your business occupies a rented physical space, you will present the lease contract.
  4. Your business must be 2 years old.
  5. The average fixed rate CAT without VAT is 41.3%.
  6. If you have registered your business in the SHCP, the interest rate will be 40%.
  7. If you have not registered your business in the SHCP, the interest rate will be 45%

Requirements for famsa credit

In addition to knowing the requirements of famsa credit You should also know that it will be a comprehensive package, that is, the loan will be integrated into a savings account where the money you requested will be deposited, then the requirements are very easy for you to meet:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. You must have and present your valid official document and if you are a foreigner you will present your passport.
  3. Your monthly income must be at least $ 5000.

Famsa credit card

To apply for your famsa credit card you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must present your official identification, your voting credential or your passport.
  2. You must present proof of address.
  3. You must present proof of income with a recent date no earlier than 30 days after you submit the application.
  4. For the departmental card you can complete the income declaration letter.
  5. You must demonstrate a minimum monthly income of $ 5000 if you want to access the international card.
  6. You must be between 18 and 75 years old to access the VISA card.
  7. To access the VISA card you must have a credit history from another credit card that is at least 6 months old.

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