Requirements that the invitation letter must have to travel to the United States

If a cousin, uncle, nephew or any other relative or friend resides in the United States and you want to visit them, you can ask them to write a invitation letter for American visa.

Well, that friend or relative can make you visit the United States territory, since the federal law of the United States indicates that as an applicant you can submit an application.

If you want to get a visitor visa you can contact the consular affairs office or Department of State from the United States by calling (202) 663-2468.

Invitation letter for American B-2 visa

If your friend or relative is a legal resident or a US citizen and you want to visit the United States as a tourist, you must apply for the B-.2 visa and they can also help you by writing a invitation letter for American visa.

Invitation letter for visa

Obtaining a tourist visa for the United States is not very easy because the United States government mistrusts the mode of entry, as it fears that the tourist will stay in the country much longer than it promises.

Therefore, the visa invitation letter must have as its main objective to demonstrate to the consular officer that the person requesting the visa intends to visit the United States for a short time and then return to their country of origin.

In addition, it is important to emphasize in the letter that the visitor will not have the need to look for work while in the United States because his sponsor will be able to support him financially.

At the same time that you submit the application for the United States visitor visa, you will deliver the letter to the United States consulate.

Because it is a personal document that is not written by a lawyer, it does not require an official tone, but it is necessary to state the name of the sponsor as well as that of the recipient in addition to the full address.

How to make an invitation letter

The invitation letter for American visa must contain:

1.The reason for the visit with a plan detailing the places that the visitor will know.

  1. The time that the visitor will stay with the sponsor or where they will stay during their stay.
  2. If the transport to the United States and the return to the country of origin will be covered by the recipient or by the sponsor.
  3. What will be the expenses that the sponsor will cover during the recipient’s stay in the United States.

Examples of invitation letters

Follow this example of an invitation letter:


Sponsor address

Sponsor city and zip code

Sponsor’s mobile phone

Sponsor’s work landline

Recipient’s first and last name

Address of the recipient

Recipient’s city and postal code

Recipient’s country

Subject: Invitation to visit me in the United States

Dear (family relationship or friendship, for example: mom, dad, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.).

I love to send you this invitation to visit me in the United States for…. months. During your stay we can walk along the road while visiting beautiful cities such as (indicate the cities to visit)

During your visit with me in the United States, you will not worry about any financial responsibility because including the trips to and from your country, all expenses will be my responsibility.

During your stay in the United States, you will stay at my house located at the address mentioned above and if it is necessary to reserve a motel while we travel on the road, it will also be part of my responsibility.

It will be a lovely trip! I want to see you as soon as possible.

With love,

Sponsor’s name

Keep in mind that if you do not want to write a letter and the financial support will be provided by the sponsor, you will complete the USCIS form I-134, it is the affidavit of assistance, which you can find on the official USCIS website.

Types of visitors to the United States and visas

  1. The B-1 visa is the business visitor visa.
  2. The B-2 visa is the visitor visa for a pleasure trip.

So if you want your father, mother, cousin, another relative or a friend to visit you in the United States, you can help them obtain a visitor visa in this way:

  1. Your relative or friend will need to apply for a B-2 visa.
  2. You will send your relative or friend an invitation letter to present at the United States consulate during the visa interview.
  3. The invitation letter must include your full summit, your full address, the name of your relative or friend, the recipient’s full address, their city of origin, the recipient’s country, the reason for inviting them, the length of stay In the United States, what places the recipient will visit and how expenses will be covered while the recipient remains in the United States.
  4. If the living expenses during the trip in the United States are covered by the recipient, they must present during the interview the documents that guarantee that they have sufficient funds to meet the expenses.
  5. If, on the contrary, you are the one who will take care of the expenses of your relative or friend while they remain in the United States, you must present the affidavit of support with the I-134 form and you will attach the recent bank statement, proof of funds, a letter from the employer and a copy of the United States passport or green card if applicable.
  6. During the interview, the immigration officer will evaluate the immigration intention to know if the recipient intends to return to his / her country after the trip, because in addition to promising the return orally, the officer will observe the recipient’s ties with his / her country of origin. like if you own a house, if you have a job in your country, your education, your family, income, etc.

For this reason, the recipient must have repaired the personal documents that demonstrate a strong link with his country, for example a proof of retirement, a property title and a letter of employment.

  1. The recipient must be prepared to answer the officer’s questions by being as specific as possible and demonstrating the ties that unite him with his country of origin, since better preparation for the interview will enable him to obtain a visitor visa.

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