Requirements for company certificate What procedures must be carried out?

You need your company certificate and know everything related to this document if you are experiencing an unemployment situation, because in this case you will request unemployment and you can only do it if you have this document.

In fact, the company where you have worked is obliged to issue the document. You want to know why it is so important when you are unemployed and do you need to apply for unemployment benefit? Then keep reading and you will get all the information:

What is the company certificate for?

  1. First of all the company certificate It is one of the documents you need to apply for unemployment benefit when you become unemployed.
  2. Well, as an unemployed person, with the certificate you show your legal situation, but it is also an accreditation of the cause of that unemployment.
  3. In fact, you are no longer a worker of that company so the certificate proves the cause for which you were fired. For example, did you work during a trial period and did not pass it? Did you join the company with a temporary contract and did it end? Did you become unemployed due to voluntary termination?
  4. Well, as you realize, there may be many reasons why you could be unemployed, therefore the certificate is the document that proves because of your unemployment.
  5. Thanks to the certificate, the SEPE can verify the cause for which your work activities in that company have ceased and therefore assesses whether you have the right to collect unemployment.
  6. Well, even if you have lost your job, it does not mean that only with this factor you acquire the right to receive unemployment benefit.
  7. You lose the right to unemployment in the event that the SEPE verifies that the cause was voluntary.
  8. For this reason you must bear in mind that regardless of the type of company where you work, all including self-employed, the general social security law requires, according to its article 298, the issuance of the certificate to be sent to the SEPE.

Check company certificate

The official website of SEPE puts at your disposal a tool so that you can consult your company certificate for which you will need:

  1. Electronic DNI.
  2. You must have registered in the key system or have the digital certificate.
  3. When you are in the SEPE electronic office, you go to Procedures and services.
  4. Choose Queries.
  5. You will access the consultation of company certificates online.
  6. In this way you will be able to see the last certificate that the SEPE has in your name. It is likely that this certificate is not the one you are looking for, since the last company where you worked has not sent it yet and therefore you will have to wait until the SEPE receives it.
  7. If you need to access older certificates, just click on More certificates.

SEPE company certificate

Although the company has the obligation to issue the certificate, on a few occasions and despite the fine that corresponds to them for not having provided the certificate to the SEPE, some may refuse for the sole fact of forcing you to accept a settlement of lesser value at that corresponds to you.

Social security company certificate

1.If you were unemployed, you have the right to request the presentation for unemployment and if your employer refuses to issue the certificate, as soon as possible request an appointment in the SEPE and tell the official what your situation is, then he will attach a declaration of lack documentation as an additional document to the application for unemployment benefit.

  1. It is a form to present in the INEM to be able to make the claim to your company so that it complies with the corresponding obligations and will even open a sanctioning process if it does not comply with said obligations.

How the company certificate is sent

  1. The company sends the company certificate to SEPE through XML technology, when the file is created, selected and sent to SEPE manually.
  2. With an automated submission through the web service offered by SEPE, it does not require the user to intervene, simply enter the data in the web form and it is much simpler.

Company certificate and its obligation

  1. If the company has at least 10 workers, it is obliged to adhere to the Certifica2 system to send communications and documentation to public bodies.
  2. If it is an SME with less than 10 employees, they have no obligation, but if they previously joined because they initially had more than 10 employees but currently only have 10, they must continue using the certifica2 application.
  3. To access the system, the company can do so through the SEPE with the user code, personal password and digital signature.
  4. As you read before, you can choose to send the files using XML technology or by completing the online form.
  5. If you choose XML technology, you will generate the files according to the instructions given by the SEPE, otherwise you will complete the web form that will then be generated in a PDF file as a printed version.
  6. Taking into account that you are a company, you have 10 working days to send your employee his corresponding withdrawal and that employee has 15 days to request an unemployment benefit.
  7. Keep in mind that the time period begins from the moment the employee is terminated.
  8. In short, the SEPE offers an online service for workers and entrepreneurs to consult and issue company certificates.
  9. Even when workers end their employment relationship, the company can inform them that the State Public Employment Service has the telephone number 901 119 999 where they can obtain information about the documentation and the right to receive benefits so that it can expedite the process .
  10. In conclusion, remember that if you have the right to receive unemployment benefit, the company has the obligation to issue the certificate so that you can apply for that help. The company will send it to SEPE and Social Security to start the process.

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