Requirements and procedures for homologation of the University Degree in the United States

How to do the homologation university degree in the united states It is a question that many foreigners like you ask who come to the United States to put into practice their university degree, but they find an obstacle that in one way or another they can overcome because there is a way to practice the profession.

Well, even if it is not immediately, everything is possible, especially if you have the instructions to homologate your degree and carry out your profession legally in the United States, do you want to know how to do it? Well then read on …

How to certify a university degree in the United States

The homologation university degree in the united states It is not an easy task, in principle because its process varies a lot not only from state to state but also because it has to do with a university degree.

  1. The AICE (Association of International Credential Evaluators and NACES (National Association on Credential Evaluation Services) are the two national associations with authority for the recognition of foreign qualifications.
  2. However, if you need to certify your language translator qualification, the ATA (American Translators Association) is the authority that can certify.
  3. Although you can homologate your university degree, it is likely that you will need to obtain a certification or license from your state or from the state where you want to practice your profession, which implies that you are subject to regulations of the institutions of that state.
  4. However, in Florida no certification or license is required when it comes to professions as a systems analyst, if you have a bachelor’s or technical degree in computing or marketing, you are a public relations officer, merchant, writer, musician, journalist.
  5. In Florida, if you have a dental degree, you must complete a dental program for at least two years and then you will be eligible to be licensed and legally practice your profession.
  6. The process to homologate your university degree so that you can practice your profession in the United States may or may not be delayed depending on how you handle the language, the competitiveness you find with other professionals and of course the economic factor will also influence.
  7. Continuing with the previous example and assuming that you have a degree in dentistry in addition to thinking about a tuition in a dental school that is around 45 and 75 thousand dollars a year, you must complete the corresponding studies by taking a practical and theoretical exam in English , which is mandatory so that you can demonstrate that you can practice the profession according to the regulations dictated by the ADA (American Dental Association in addition to those governed by the Florida Board of Dentristy.

Steps for the homologation of a university degree in the United States

Step 1: The first step to homologation university degree in the united states It is the evaluation of your credentials or evaluation of your foreign education from a reciprocity program with your grades, diploma and certificate, as it is evaluated by comparing it with degree programs in the United States.

According to what is indicated by the Association of International Educators known as NAFSA, the choice of the evaluation service is subject to criteria according to the needs of the institutions or professionals, which may include prices, performance and level of preparation.

Step 2: For the validation you will present the original documents including notes, transcripts and diplomas with your application in addition to the certificates. All of this translated by a certified translator and then you will receive those documents again after the evaluation is completed.

The documentation to present is the same regardless of the profession unless you have a doctorate or master’s degree, as in these cases you will need a certified copy with the details of the subjects taken in the university program.

All the original and copy documentation can be presented in person with the application or request the institution that issued them to send them, for example, to Skills for Academic Vocational and English Studies in Miami Dade, Florida.

The documentation process, always depending on the title in question, can take 15 business days from receipt.

Costs of the homologation of a university degree in the United States

The cost of the document-by-document evaluation varies depending on the institution between $ 8 and $ 90 or $ 140 and $ 180.

The cost of the course-by-course evaluation is $ 140 with a 10 business day delay and you can pay by credit card, money order or check.

Step 3: At the end of this process, you can use the degree to study at a university in the United States and obtain a bachelor’s degree or you will also be eligible for the exams that enable you to practice your profession in the United States.

In summary, as a foreign professional you will validate your educational credentials, you will take courses, programs or exams in a regulatory entity or university.

How to validate a university degree in the United States

To validate a university degree in the United States, follow these steps:

  1. Choose one of the accredited organizations for the evaluation of international credentials, you can find them at
  2. After choosing the organization, it meets the requested requirements for validation with the original translated and certified documents.
  3. Do a review of the prices and application process.
  4. Complete the application with the required documents and pay the cost.
  5. Get in touch with a regulatory entity or a university center that corresponds to your profession and the place where you want to practice it.
  6. Take the practical or theoretical courses or exams.
  7. Once you have met all the requirements you will obtain your professional license.

How to revalidate engineering degree in the usa

If you intend to work as an engineer in the United States, you require Revalidate engineering degree in the USABecause just by having an engineering degree from your country, you cannot practice your profession in the United States, then:

  1. You must homologate your degree in Spanish using the service offered by NCEES.
  2. Do not go to a WES agency because the only thing you will achieve is to homologate your level of studies so that you can then continue with a PhD or a master’s degree or, failing that, you will demonstrate the academic level you obtained for a job position that requires a bachelor’s degree.
  3. Note that in the United States, professional licensing boards issue a state-level license to engineers.

The engineering board issues a PE license to candidates with a license who combine examination, experience, and education requirements.

  1. You must register for the NCEES exam by reviewing the registration and approval process according to your state. When it comes to the PE and FE exams that are based on the computer it is open all year round. You can get information at

How to validate my law degree in the United States

  1. You want to know How to validate my law degree in the United States? As it is a federal system, some states force lawyers to graduate from American universities, so you will not be able to practice your profession in these states or even obtain a license.
  2. However, New York and California are states that accept you as a lawyer graduated abroad.
  3. In New York they will accept you but you will have to take the BAR test and take two years at an American university.
  4. In California, you will be required to have a juris doctor qualification from a qualification agency such as WES and that you study a year at a California university.

How to do the equivalency of university degrees in the United States

In WES (World Education Service you will carry out the evaluation process in this way:

  1. You will present all the required documentation.
  2. WES will be in charge of reviewing all the documents you submitted.
  3. WES will evaluate documentation and equivalency according to American education.
  4. The evaluator will issue the report of the evaluation of the credentials.

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