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Reasons why businesses need marketing 2.0

Make marketing To create a successful sales campaign is one of the resources that gives good results to entrepreneurs, especially those who are engaged in Internet business. But we rarely stop to think why it is so fundamental to our company.

Marketing is the tool that allows us to know the needs of customers, needs that will be adjusted to the objectives of the company. But how do we really get to know those needs: through blosgs and social networks. These platforms are essential today to be able to do marketing 2.0 since this way we will be able to know what are the profiles of potential clients, what they need, when they need it, at what prices it is convenient for them to acquire our products and services, if they will be open to certain promotions, etc.

But these tools are not only a channel to publish unlimited promotions and offers, it is a way to get closer and establish relationships with people, they are more than communication because through these platforms we can also provide adequate customer service.

And most important of all, is that companies no longer break relationships with their customers but create an environment conducive to loyalty to attract them again and again.


Marketing 2.0 provides entrepreneurs:

Business opportunities. Marketing has many tools that we can use to make ourselves known and thus increase the possibilities of sales. We must use them to be creative and innovate with the different business ideas that we have in mind such as the sale of mobile applications, Parking services, by incorporating platforms for the publication of classified ads that is so fashionable, in short , there are so many business possibilities that we would never end. That is where marketing 2.0 comes in to help you make this idea come true and to make it grow as far as you want.

Build a web presence. Much is said today about social media and its advantages for businesses that want to gain a place in the business world. But before achieving anything, it is mandatory to resort to creating a blog and many fundamental and strategic social media accounts for companies such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus or Foursquare. Once we have all these resources we must work to position our brand not only in web search engines but also in each of these social platforms, we must appeal to SEO, SEM, in short, generate links to our sales page and this, If you want strong results, you could get it by going to a professional, just check if their methods are accepted by Google and other search engines, all because there is a war against span and every bad practice of SEO is penalized.

Interaction with clients. The Internet offers you many options so that you can establish adequate communication, interaction or feedback either with your clients or with potential buyers. But the technologies of these tools not only serve to communicate within the web but also outside it, such as through mobile devices, since even advertising can be incorporated today.

Loyalty. Interacting with customers helps them to commit to your business if you have offered them the value of your brand, that is, through this interaction it is good that you share relevant information that they are interested in (about marketing, advertising, finances, strategies of sales, promotions and discounts, etc.) since not everyone gets to buy and if they do they have to be loyal in some way and what is described above is a good alternative for customer loyalty. Once they realize that your brand has value and that it will provide them with even the products or services they are looking for, they will not hesitate to share it repeatedly.

Business expansion. The good thing about marketing 2.0 is that it will allow you to make your business popular in many places both on and off the web, it is a formula that is used so that not only customers feel satisfied but so that their friends, acquaintances or family members, too are interested in our brand. In other words, the impact of an excellent campaign is not in the first sales made but in the future impact, both in the mind and in the pockets of the customers. In addition, marketing 2.0 adapts to the different channels of social or web interaction that come out and that is undoubtedly very beneficial. It is also good to expand our distribution channels such as the implementation of a store in each social network, use the different clients for e-mail marketing that exist, etc.

Personalize customer service. What marketing 2.0 seeks is to generate a close relationship between the company and the customers, but in a humanized way and no longer in an almost “robotized” way as it used to be done before. People look for companies where they feel well cared for and even conceited, but it will depend on each person who goes to our business, however, this principle applies to all clients.

Sales increase. Until now, we will have a business that generates its first sales and an entrepreneur with income that justifies its investment, but this process only seems to be easy from reading, but it is not so simple in practice. There are those who are currently buying courses to sell online and spend a lot of money not only in the purchase of the course but in its implementation, and then sell very little, if nothing. And these types of courses tend to be very sold many times without offering what was promised. But here is something curious that attracts attention and it is the way they are sold like hot cakes, did this businessman use marketing 2.0 correctly?

As we mentioned before, the Internet is a great way to find these digital marketing strategies But if you want something more professional and that allows you to get a return on your money, you could go to an expert on this topic, with this you will not only increase your sales but also have a serious advantage over your competition and you will be aware of the trends of the marketing 2.0 that can be innovated or created.