Proper use of energy in business

The use of energy It must be conscious and appropriate to the needs of consumers both in homes and in companies or businesses. Well, saving energy benefits the entire community in the event of an energy crisis and also by saving on consumption it is a sure saving on the electricity bill, but …

How to make a correct use of energy?

In principle the use of energy correct is the rational and conscious of what is necessary taking advantage of the natural resources that are scarce throughout the world.

The national use of energy both at an industrial and household level would benefit in a saving of 15 to 20% in a consumption that would prevent the non-renewable resources that are used to generate electricity from being exhausted and in the meantime the countries could start the necessary works so that the system can work efficiently again.

Energy use

The use of energy is necessary for many activities, as it is not only necessary for homes, as it is used by offices, street lighting, air transport, maritime transport, rail transport, automobiles and of course the industry.

It makes life much easier, for example with the use of household appliances, telephony, multimedia appliances even sending rockets, because today it would be impossible to imagine a life without electricity.

For this reason, the energy sector is implementing policies for the rational use of energy because both consumption and the world population are growing at such a speed that it causes the distribution lines to become saturated, which would lead to the risk that there is a shortage of electricity.

What is energy for?

In this way, since it is very adaptable, all economic activity makes use of energy, for example:

  1. In industry, energy is essential because it is used to obtain cold and heat and to move the motor of the machines as well as using it to apply electrolysis in the treatment of surfaces. The industry, in addition to being a large consumer of energy, also became a producer.
  2. Agriculture also makes use of energy because it is necessary to start engines for irrigation and to extract water from aquifers, among other uses.
  3. Public transport and especially the railways use electrical energy. However, when cars with their hybrid versions would lead to the replacement of gasoline because it is supposed to help reduce environmental pollution.
  4. In homes, energy use is multiple, from heating with air conditioning, cooking with hot water, appliances and lighting.

Rational usage of energy

The rational use of energy is the term that is applied internationally with the objective of saving energy, because it is necessary that natural resources can be better used, because the energy sector by feeding on non-renewable resources, these begin to be scarce .

Well, the generation of electricity is based on power plants that can work from fuels extracted from the earth such as gas and oil.

On the other hand, the world population is growing rapidly, with which this population growth affects the distribution lines being saturated.

In fact, the electrical supply is made up of stages that allow the final consumer to receive electrical energy, but since energy is not easily stored, the system generates and distributes energy according to how it is consumed.

In the same way that electrical energy is important for industries and homes, it is also important for countries to develop and it is for this reason that all countries have organizations that specialize in the stages that make up the electricity supply, that is, that are responsible for generating, transmitting and distributing energy.

How to save on energy use

The rational use of energy can be done in many ways starting with homes, for example:

  1. The refrigerator is a basic appliance, its motor begins to operate when the door is closed because its cabinet needs to extract heat every time the door is closed, that is, it eliminates the heat that entered when the door was opened, therefore the more times the refrigerator is opened in a home, there will be a greater consumption of unnecessary energy, because the fewer times the refrigerator door is opened, the engine will start when you only need it.
  2. The mobile phone charger is an energy consumer, the best thing is that once the phone battery is charged, the charger is unplugged from the power source because it will continue to consume energy.

Use of wind energy

Relative to Aeolus, wind energy is the use of the force of the wind to produce energy, that is to say that it is obtained from the wind and was applied in ancient times to make mills and boats work.

Air currents generate kinetic energy and then it is transformed to be applied in various activities. Wind energy is used with wind motors, wind machines that are responsible for transforming wind energy into mechanical energy to start machines.

It is a type of renewable energy that can be extracted from cheap sources with great competitiveness and profitability compared to other sources of energy that are known as traditional.

So wind energy is green energy, clean and benefits for the environment because it does not need to drag sediment, or move land, or alter the water course, it does not pollute with particles or accumulate radioactive waste.

It does not need to transform the fuel, it does not require transportation, it does not pollute the air, it does not involve gas explosions, it does not apply aggressive or chemical agents and it does not affect the danger of oil slicks.

Use of geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is another type of renewable energy, which is generated by heat sources. Depending on the depth of its extraction, it can be used for different uses.

  1. For example, when it is extracted from an underground temperature of 30 and 90ºC, a heat is obtained that can be applied to power buildings and also for industry and its agricultural processes.
  2. As it is extracted from an underground temperature below 30ºC, it can be used for air conditioning and heating with heat pumps.
  3. In the case of being extracted from a temperature between 90 and 150ºC, it can be used for the production of electrical energy and to feed the power plants.

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