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Procedures and permits to open a laundry

You should pay attention to permits to open a laundry (Laundry Business), because although it is an easy business to start, it is important that you have both the licenses and permits required by the law of your city.

That is why you are going to know today everything you need to open your legal business.

What are the permits to open a laundry (Laundry Business)

The permits to open a laundry And all the requirements to open a business are different from state to state, therefore the entire organization regarding sales taxes, registration and licensing should be consulted with the tax department of the platform where the business will be located.

The organization of the company (Laundry Business):

Establish the organization of your company, since you can decide to open it as a sole proprietor, as a corporation or a partnership or a limited liability company, since depending on this you will have to present the corresponding documents together with the application for permits.

Accounting record:

You will need to make an accounting record, but for this you do not need any permission and you do not even need an accountant or special accounting software to help you.

Well, simply in an Excel spreadsheet, you can make your own accounting record detailing the name of your clients, the payments you receive and the expenses.

Laundry License (Laundry Business):

In some states, you will be required to obtain a laundry license so that you can wash and iron your customers’ clothes, as you will also need the same license if you offer self-service washing.

Types of laundry license: In turn, you should pay attention to the type of laundry license you need, since you will need a retail laundry license in the event that you provide a laundry service to the general public or if you offer the machines laundry for self service and therefore it is a direct use by customers.

Insulse note that it is understood as laundry services when washing, starching or ironing clothes for a fee not including dry cleaning.

On the other hand, the laundry of a hospital or any residence that is used by the owners or occupants of the residence does not need to obtain a license.

You will need an industrial laundry license if you provide laundry services to hospitals, hotels, commercial clients, gyms, restaurants and you even need it if your business has a connection with any commercial institution, a restaurant, a gym or a hotel.

Then it will not be necessary for you to obtain this industrial license if you operate your laundry within a hospital or hotel.

You need an industrial laundry with delivery license if you are transporting clothes from a commercial customer within the same city to an industrial laundry or out of town even after the laundry service has been performed.

Well, it is understood that you have an industrial laundry if you offer your services to a commercial client such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, gyms and retailers.

Application for permits to open a laundry

The request for permits to open a laundry, be it retail, an industrial laundry, must be submitted in writing according to what the commissioner prescribes.

Retail laundry

You must declare:

Your name and business address as an applicant.

The addresses of all the places where you will perform laundry services.

You must specify if you are making a request for a retail, industrial or industrial laundry with delivery,

You must declare the number of people you hired at the time of application.

In the event that you open a retail laundry, you must present:

A written statement signed by you certifying that you comply with all rules, laws and regulations.

A written statement signed by you certifying that you have no lawsuits or court orders against you at an administrative, civil or criminal level, or a judgment that has to do with non-payment or insufficient payment of wages.

Certificate of insurance attesting to commercial liability insurance covering property damage, death, and bodily injury.

You must declare in writing that you comply with the cleaning and hygiene standards established by law.

Declare if in the building you separate unwashed clothes from clothes washed and ready to deliver.

You must bear in mind that as a licensee all advertising of your business and invoices must contain the name, business address and laundry license number,

Even the vehicle that you use to deliver the clothes to your customers, must have letters of a predetermined size where your name as the licensee, the business address, the telephone number of the company and the license number can be clearly read. commissioner assigned.

Industrial laundry business

If you operate an industrial laundry you must include:

A description of the property and the business structure.

A written statement with the business customer categories.

You must specify if you carry out the laundry service to hospitals, hotels, gyms, restaurants, etc.

In turn, if you think of a retail or industrial laundry with delivery or without delivery, you should keep it open to the public at a pre-established time by the county or state.