Practical guide to create an online marketing plan

Generating income online is not something that is achieved by chance, an entrepreneur needs to learn to plan or create a online marketing plan so that you can clearly define the steps to follow within your business, otherwise we will find ourselves acting through tactics and not through strategies.

Tactic or strategy seem like two similar terms, however they are one of the keys to the success of any business, since in a simple way a tactic can be the actions we take every day to achieve a result, for example writing an article , send tweets, answer emails or establish valuable relationships on social

A strategy consists of a series of actions which follow a broader vision of your business, therefore it serves as a guide to guide the strategic actions that we carry out on a daily basis, with this in mind we can already create a online marketing plan much more compact and with results that really boost your business.

With this I do not mean that without an online marketing plan you will not be able to obtain a certain result, but if what you want is to have a scalable business in which you progressively generate value, build your brand and achieve a community that wants to work with you and your business , then if you need to work on a certain online marketing plan.

Online marketing plan, factors that you must take into account.

Working with an online marketing plan has different incidents at different levels, for example, following a plan educates your will, improves your perspective and the mentality with which you face actions are totally different from if you work without a defined direction.

If in this article I will not talk to you about the resources or tools with which you can validate your marketing plan, you will be able to have a better idea of ​​its foundations and fundamental principles.

Key factors that will drive your online marketing plan

– Training

– Identify needs

– Definition of objectives

– Use of the different channels.

– Optimize and study the metrics.

Well, now let’s talk about the steps that will help you create your online marketing plan, if you follow them, step by step, they can help you put together an online marketing plan for your business, regardless of your market or even your business model. conducting.

1- Where we are-

This includes a study of the exact location in which you are at the moment, for example your positioning, your followers, the complete knowledge or the most exact possible knowledge of your avatar or your potential client, etc.

A SWOT analysis, this is to be able to see in a single table the place where you are and the characteristics that your business or you have as an entrepreneur, this includes your Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities.

To learn more about this topic, I recommend this article: SWOT


In this section we need to clearly define your target audience, from their tastes, their practices, customs, ages in which you will focus, their level and access to different services, countries, economic level, etc, etc.

Finally, who we also need to define and this is part of the SWOT analysis, your competition, who they are, how they work, how they offer services or products to their clients, how they are impacting their lives, you do this mainly to define the way in You will present your unique sales proposition and this will completely define your business model.

two- Where do we want to go? –

The establishment of objectives, step by step, in this stage you clearly define where you want to go, you need to define them based on a measure of time, even geographically if you focus on a specific region.

Your plans need to be REALIZABLE and if you remember you need to create tactics or plans that adapt to your final goals or main objective of your business.

Planning in writing is vital, online there are different tools that you can use to create a spreadsheet with your plans and defined goals.

3- Create strategies-

We talk about each of the actions that you will carry out to expose your products or services so that your business reaches your potential clients.

The strategies will also be defined by the knowledge, the skills of you or your team to carry out the work, the tools you can access, or otherwise the most acceptable thing is to delegate this work or put yourself in a plan to acquire the resources and skills. you need to complete your work.

4- The implementation-

In this section we will define exactly the actions of said plan, these can be social actions, content strategies on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, creation of content for your different blogs or websites, creation of webinnars, telephone contacts with predefined prospects, etc.

All this work needs to be put into a specific template in our online marketing plan, action by action and step by step.

5- Measurements of actions-

Every actionable action needs to be measurable, to determine if they are producing the results we are looking for, otherwise we need to improve and test these actions again until we achieve maximum performance.

One of the main problems that we find at the beginning is that we do not measure the actions that we carry out, therefore we cannot determine where in the system we can improve; This is clearly a mistake that we don’t pay very cheaply.

I hope this article is useful for you, working with a online marketing plan It is vital for the normal functioning of our business, and mainly to give equal value to the means and the end, but without forgetting that we can change the means but never the end.

Infographic: Online Marketing Plan

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