Por5Pavos, another option to sell our services over the Internet from 5 euros

This type of platform that allows us Earn some money For offering for sale what we know online they have become very popular lately, perhaps some do not have the too formal appearance that many seek to be sure that what they buy is of quality, but in the end, they are a real success .

The truth is that this type of business was born in the United States but we already have many examples to follow that are positioning themselves in the Spanish-speaking market, such is the case of Doforten, among other interesting alternatives.

This time we are going to refer about By5 turkeys, a very peculiar title that carries with it a portal where we can offer our services for sale. In this way we will begin to obtain profits every time someone dares to acquire them for the modest sum of 5 euros, but if we look at the top of this website, we will find many of these platforms but with the variant of the amount of money with which it can be bought, for example we will find Por10, 20, 50 or 100Pavos, you understand.sell our services over the Internet from 5 euros

But if you are a newbie, the price of 5 euros is ideal for you to start savoring the online knowledge trade. However, if a sale is made, you will only receive about 4 euros of profit for reasons that are understood.

Another thing that must be taken into account so that the ads that we create become prominent is to fully complete our user profile, the descriptions of the services must be clear, we must publish more than one quality photo showing what we know how to do, and Logically, the placement of the keywords is the fundamental thing so that all our ads go viral not only within this platform but throughout the web.

But to further increase our sales we have the possibility of being able to share our ad on the most used networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Tuenti, and also through e-mail. But that’s not all, in the same way if we have a blog we can create a banner whose link will redirect directly to the ad published in this company.

On the other hand, the categories are within the most demanded and there will be no problem to sell something if you dominate your field.

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