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Platforms to sell digital content

Sell ​​digital content: These days it is certain that there are many people out there who have something to sell, especially if it is digital contentIn turn, they will also be able to find many options to make their offers on various products or services known to the whole world. But it never hurts to continue contributing so that the new generation of entrepreneurs can benefit from electronic commerce, surely most think like us.

But let’s go on, do you have a Dropbox account? If your answer is yes, then from now on you will be able to earn money online by marketing all your files that are stored in that portal that is currently used by millions of people.dropbox

In our opinion, it is a simple way with which we could all be receiving extra income in a comfortable and safe way.

They must join this platform so that they can synchronize their respective Dropbox accounts and so they can start selling promoting their online storefronts provided by said platform, this can be achieved by sharing the links of their stores on social networks, for example, in forums or in their websites or blogs if they have them.

How what could they have saved in Dropbox? They could be music albums, video files, Photographs, templates, if they are programmers perhaps some other recommended program, digital books, etc. However, anyone can have that, but the ideal when it comes to commerce is that all this content is their entire property, that is, they should offer for sale content that has been created by you in a way that they have all the Copyright. In addition, everything they upload should not be linked to inappropriate, illegal or prohibited topics such as racism, gambling, counterfeits, etc.

Then comes the typical process of creating the products, or what is the same, they must place both the titles to their contents that will generally be downloaded by their customers, the appropriate descriptions, the corresponding images and the inevitable price that can be modified since it allows the negotiation of the same between sellers and buyers.

But that’s not all, these services have made it a priority to guarantee a good shopping experience for people so that they have devised a preview of the content they will be about to purchase, so they will get a more real and exact idea of ​​their new article being completely satisfied.

Another feature of this portal is that it will allow them to sell in groups if they deem it appropriate. This more than anything will help them to market more since there will be diversification, more proposals for demanding clients, in short, and they will not have to worry about their payments since you choose the percentage in which the profits will be distributed.

Speaking of payments, these will be sent to your PayPal accounts or you may choose to receive them via e-mail via check. However, if they want to offer free downloads, the system will not charge the mandatory percentage to all sellers each time they complete a transaction, equivalent to 10%.

They also need to know that there are two types of sale, one is free, and the second is a pro plan that offers many more interesting features for those who want to optimize their business as much as possible.

Without a doubt, a new alternative to take advantage of that valuable content that we have created but that is still kept under seven keys.

The 10 best websites to sell digital content on the internet

1: Sellfilez

Vendearchivoz is a website in Spanish that will allow you to sell downloads, files, e-books, music and basically any file that is downloadable.
It has an easy-to-use interface and is completely in Spanish and has an English version, in addition to having free support via e-mail, so it is a very good option to start selling files, I emphasize that my friend and I now We are using this website, and due to its good performance I placed it in the top 1.

The payment is received through Paypal and you receive it instantly once the client pays for the download. It has a 3% commission every time you make a sale, which makes it the cheapest on this list. It also has a very easy to use control panel.
You can also follow other users of the web and create promotions for your followers.
When someone buys a file, they have the option of using different currencies, be it Dollars, Yen, Pounds, etc; The download begins once the payment has been made, your clients have the option to export the downloads to their respective Dropbox accounts if they wish.


Link: Sellfilez.

2: 21Bits

Fully oriented to the Argentine market, 21bits allows you to sell your digital files quickly and easily. It operates through the payment processor MercadoPago and only Argentine pesos are accepted.
The commission to sell on this page is quite high, reaching 10% on all commissions. (4% of 21Bits and 6% of Mercadopago).21Bits to sell digital content

3: Clickbank

Clickbank is available in several languages ​​and is the most used web platform to sell digital products, in it you will find countless e-books and they are the most common means of selling digital books such as “Make money working from home”, or “The secrets to be a millionaire in 5 days.

Its interface is quite complete, but it has the disadvantage that you have to pay $ 47 a month to obtain the “Clickbank Powered” service in which they allow you to create your website and speed up the sale of files.
The fee is 7% + $ 1 per transaction.Clickbank


4: Scubbly

Partially translated, this website has a rather messy design for my taste, it allows to sell mostly images through Paypal.
A 9% commission is charged for files under 60MB + 0.35ctvs as “commission for Paypal”.Scubbly


5: E-Junkie

It is also one of the most used platforms, it allows you to sell through Paypal or 2checkout, both excellent payment processors. It has a rather poor design, but functional.
E-junkie charges a monthly fee for the amount of MB you need to store your files, which makes it an unpleasant option when it comes to wanting to sell fast.e-junkie

Link: E-junkie

6: Payloadz

Completely in English, Payloadz is a good alternative for users seeking to reach the Anglo-Saxon public, it allows, like other websites, to sell digital files and charge through Paypal or Trialpay.
Payloadz has two types of accounts: The free account, where you have a 30-day transaction limitation before it forces you to upgrade to a Premium account.


Link: Payloadz

7: Pulley

With a very beautiful design, it is aimed more at artists than ordinary users who want to sell their files online.
Like previous systems, Pulley charges a monthly fee for each certain products and a certain amount of MB, however, Pulley does not charge any commission per file sold, which makes this system quite attractive.pulley

Link: Pulleyapp

8: DPD

DPD is also fully in English and like Pulley and other sites, it also charges a monthly flat fee for each number of products and particular weight they have.dpd

Link: Getdpd

9: DigitalGoodStore

Also English-speaking, it has a very particular design, rosing the minimalist and pleasant.
It serves like the others, to be able to sell all kinds of digital files.
DigitalGoodsStore does not charge any type of flat monthly fee for using its services, however they do charge a 5% commission on each sale made on the web.payloads

Link: Digitalgoodsstore

10: FetchApp

The Fetchapp website is in English, but it has a fairly intuitive design and is easy to understand.
It allows you to sell an infinite number of digital files and they do not charge any type of commission for it. But since not all that glitters is gold, Fetchapp charges a flat monthly fee to use its services, according to the size of the files you host on its servers.Fetchapp