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Platform to earn money selling works of art online

The great advantage of the Internet is the power start a business being able to choose between profitable business models, one of them

It is electronic commerce and in this case the one that is focused on buying and selling art online.

Art is a field that is in high demand so if your work is good, there will be no shortage of clients who want to have your creations to decorate their homes or even to hold exhibitions.


Now we just need to know how we can quickly sell our art over the Internet. A platform that is dedicated to facilitating this task is Artelista, a portal for the purchase and sale of works of art online, being available for various countries in the world, including some in Europe and Latin America.

At the moment this business idea concerning the commercialization of works of art such as engravings, sculptures, serigraphs, oil paintings, abstract paintings and artistic photographs, can be found in its beta phase so we publish our works to expose them to potential customers, art lovers, it won’t cost us a penny.

The greatest benefit that Artelista grants is that the purchase and sale is made directly between the seller and the buyer without intermediaries, which means that the owners of the works of art will not have to pay any commission for each sale made. This portal is only a connection between the two to publicize the most representative works of the web. But if you consider that your works are too original to be sold, then you have the alternative of only renting them.

And since there are no payment systems, at the moment, in said portal they recommend properly publishing the works to be exhibited so that they can be correctly optimized for search engines, the more quality photographs are added, the more information about the works is published, and the more awards and recognitions the artists’ works have, the more easily they will be found.

Lovers of works of art will have at their disposal a website where they will find their favorite works by searching according to criteria such as price, country, area, category and subcategory, by artists, in addition to the use of keywords of what they are. trying to find.

Artelista is a startup that has more than 1,000 published works of art and is currently offering a gift check to redeem the amount given in quality works. You can join this great business idea by doing click here.