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Opportunities in Direct and Multilevel Sales

Direct Sales or Direct Selling, which is nothing more than the process of buying products directly from the manufacturer and selling them directly to the consumer or end user, can be a useful tool to obtain additional income. Today there are many companies that offer the opportunity to join as a Sales Associate or Independent Distributor in different categories of products such as cosmetics, personal care products, natural medicines, toys, household products and educational.

There are two main types of direct sales: One-level or Single-Level Marketing and Multilevel or Multi-Level Marketing. In the multilevel system, in addition to obtaining income from the purchase and sale of products, you obtain additional income from recruiting new independent sellers and from their sales.Opportunities in Direct and Multilevel Sales

Wikipedia defines MLM (also called network marketing, network marketing, multilevel marketing, MLM) as a business model and a good sample of thedirect marketing in which a person associates with a parent company as an independent or franchisee and receives compensation based on the sale of personal products or services and from other associate members through that person.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct and Multilevel Sales:

The costs to get started are generally low, making getting started easier and less risky if the experience is not very successful.

High commissions or high profit margins.

This type of business is designed to be operated from home, and you can work to your liking and schedule, such as halftime or part-time or as the only form of income.

Many of the companies with these programs offer training, counseling, promotional support, sales and income reports.

Among the disadvantages is the fact that companies of this type tend to appear and disappear very frequently in the market, for this reason you have to take precautions when selecting who to join, which we will talk about later.

Keep your downline members or downline Motivated to sell and recruiting new associates or distributors is often a task that takes time and effort.

There is also the fact that with the increase in the number of companies with this marketing system, it becomes more difficult every day to recruit and sell, plus your friends and business colleagues can get tired of the fact that you are insisting on selling or recruiting them.

Some of the recognized companies in this field are:




Mary Kay:

Discovery Toys:


Home Interiors: