Opinions of banamex business banking

You want to trade with banamex bancanet But you still do not have knowledge about how it works, because it is important that before making a decision you have information not only about its operation but also how to activate bancanet payments and about the banamex insurance that you will receive below:

What is the benefit of banamex bancanet

  1. Banamex bancanet It has benefits in terms of business investment with good returns. It also has no commissions or deadlines.
  2. Without risks, you can schedule withdrawals and deposits up to 30 days in advance and with no minimum investment.
  3. Taking into account as an example from $ 1,000,000, the variable percentage before taxes is GAT is 2.80.
  4. The CETES rate of return in the primary placement of treasury certificates of the federation has a term of 208 days with the possibility of daily consultation from the official website of banxico.
  5. You can manage your investment from the operations menu, investments, in view of the main menu of bancanet.
  6. Then you will choose banamex business and you will capture the data requested by the system.

How citibanamex bancanet works

You knowHow does Citibanamex Bancanet work??, because it works in a very simple way:

  1. If it is your first time in Bancanet or Citibanamex mobile you need the customer number from 4 to 11 digits, which you can see in your account statement or in your contract for citibanamex products.
  2. In the event that you do not know or cannot find your customer number, you can request it at one of the Citibanamex branches with the official identification that can be your passport, the INE and the Citibanamex card or your account.
  3. You also need the 8 digits of your temporary password, which you have verified at the branch during the opening of your credit or debit card when you will have been assigned your mobile Netkey.
  4. In the event that your cell phone has not been verified, you can use the 8 digits of your temporary password that you have generated with the branch executive.
  5. Since you may need more help, Citibanamex puts at your disposal the phone number (55) 1226 3990.
  6. If you need to register in Citibanamex mobile you will enter with the cell phone that you have verified at the branch or with the temporary password.
  7. Then you will download the Citibanamex mobile App from Google Play or from the App Store.
  8. With a click on Register you will enter your customer number that you can find in the contract request.
  9. Then you will enter the cell phone that you have verified in the branch with the executive and if you have not verified it, you will register with the temporary password or with the cell phone with which you receive notifications from Citibanamex or the audiomatic secret number.
  10. You will create your password to enter BaancaNet and Citibanamex Móvil.
  11. When you finish the registration you will enter with your customer number and password to log in.
  12. By entering your customer number you will begin to take advantage of the benefits of Citibanamex.
  13. Remember that if you did not verify the cell phone in the first session you will verify it with the code that you will receive in an SMNS.

How to register in BancaNet?

  1. To register in BancaNet, you will enter bancanet.banamex.com
  2. Then you will enter your customer number that you can see in the contract request.
  3. Enter your temporary password and click Continue.
  4. You will create your new password, click Continue and enter with your customer number.
  5. Then you will choose the term to obtain a performance, since Business BancaNet offers you personalization of your banking with the addition of direct accesses according to your preferences.
  6. It offers you Mobility for easier navigation to carry out operations from any device.
  7. It offers you Accessibility so that you know your finances easier and incorporate a better visualization of the functionality of the balance summary.
  8. It offers you Security with the authentication of your access with NetKey for browsing with the anti intruder tool and performing operations with joint authorization, receiving alerts and notifications.

How to activate bancanet de banamex

You know how to activate bancanet de banamex?, it is very easy for you to pay, transfer and check the balances:

  1. With your Citibanamex card and valid official identification, go to a branch and visit an executive.
  2. You will register the BancaNet service and generate your password.

What is banamex business banking?

  1. Bancanet business banamex is a comprehensive online electronic banking service that gives you the possibility of managing your company’s treasury every day of the year.
  2. It also gives you the possibility of carrying out online transactions and managing cash electronically with all the information you require so that you can make the best decisions.
  3. Login with your customer number.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Click Enter.
  6. Enter the dynamic password and click Continue and you will enter Business BancaNet.
  7. If you need to unlock the access key, click Unlock password, enter the customer number, the representative number, and click Continue.
  8. Then you will enter your dynamic password and click on Continue and you will unlock the password, because keep in mind that if you fail 5 times to access BancaNet Business, your access password will be blocked and then you will unlock your account with the administrator user.

How to activate Citibanamex Pay?

  1. You will download the application to your mobile device and accept the terms and conditions.
  2. You will enter your customer number and password for Citibanamex Móvil or Bancanet.
  3. You will enter the dynamic password.
  4. You will create the security PIN and register the fingerprint if your mobile has this functionality.
  5. You will start using the App by downloading it from Google Play or the App Store.
  6. You will enter your customer number.
  7. You will enter the dynamic key of your NetKey or the activation code registered in Citibanamex

How to activate payments in Citibanamex?

You knowhow to activate payments in Citibanamex to make purchases from the App with your debit card?

  1. Download the App on your mobile phone and accept the terms and conditions.
  2. Enter your customer number and the BancaNet or Citibanamex Móvil password.
  3. Enter a dynamic password.
  4. Create the security PIN and register your fingerprint if your mobile phone allows it.
  5. In this way you can use it to make online purchases in supermarkets, entertainment sites, airlines, cinemas and technology with an instant payment, as long as you have activated your digital card when you make the payment.
  6. In this way you will make payments online with the security of not providing your physical card details, since you will only have to bring the device closer to the store’s point of sale terminal.

Types of banamex Insurance

The banamex insurance they provide you with:

  1. Accident insurance that includes comprehensive insurance against accidental death, standardized basic personal accident insurance, accident insurance with a basic plan and accident insurance with a comprehensive plan.
  2. Auto insurance with Banamex auto insurance options, Banamex Pick up auto insurance and Banamex standardized basic auto insurance.
  3. Home insurance with the option that you choose Banamex home insurance, certified home assistance Banamex home insurance MORE.
  4. Life insurance with options for you to choose between the basic life insurance plan, comprehensive life insurance plan, life insurance More than 70 years, Banamex safe pantry, Banamex hospitalization insurance, safe payroll, balance protection insurance, insurance Banamex Soriana pantry, standardized basic individual life insurance, Premium Citibanamex life insurance in pesos and Premium Citibanamex life insurance in dollars.
  5. Accident Insurance – Illnesses with an option for you to choose between EME, Medical Emergency Cash and Cancer Insurance.
  6. Investment insurance for you to choose between Banamex achievements, Banamex personal retirement plan, Banamex 5 estate plan, Banamex 5 estate plan without exclusions, Banamex 60 estate plan without exclusions, Banamex 60 equity projection, Banamex 5 equity projection and fiscal banamex life portfolio.
  7. Theft insurance with the possibility of choosing between 360 Banamex protection insurance and Banamex personal belongings theft insurance.

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