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Opinions of allianz mexico, insurance company.

You are about to buy insurance and you want to know everything about allianz mexico? Have you heard about this insurance company? You will know everything you need to know below so that later you can make the best decision.

What is allianz Mexico

Allianz mexico, was founded in Germany in 1890 and thanks to its worldwide presence it became a market leader for German insurance companies.

The headquarters are located in Mexico City, but it offers its service throughout Mexico through its regional offices with its network of insurance agents.

Opinions about allianz mexico

Opinions about allianz mexico are very varied, however it has a very good reputation in the local market and in the insurance market it is considered among the main insurance companies, due to its purpose of covering all the needs of its clients and its fast response to any claim, which indicates the professionalism of the company.

For this reason the opinions are satisfactory, because clients feel satisfied when they take out an insurance policy.

In fact, it has different types of coverage specifically oriented to the needs of each client.

Category People of allianz mexico

In the People category, insurance coverage extends to protected tickets, travel accidents, consortium, boat vehicles and the home.

Category Company of allianz mexico

In the Companies category, the coverage extends to SMEs and also to large companies, providing protection to material and technical assets and the human factor.

Agricultural sector of allianz mexico

The insurance company specializes in insurance coverage within the agricultural sector, offering insurance for hail and fireworks.

Car insurance allianz mexico

As for car insurance, it offers you various services that you can choose according to what you consider you need, for example from:

  1. Insurance with liability coverage.
  2. The insurance against all risks.
  3. Exclusivity insurance for new cars and high-end cars.

Personal Category allianz mexico

The Personal category includes:

  1. The medical insurance.
  2. Life insurance.

Day insurance is customizable, with affordable premiums and premium returns

  1. The savings plan.

The savings plan provides you with a flexible type of savings with a loyalty bonus and with tax benefits with Opti Maxx plus so that you can save by benefiting when you retire and forgetting to receive at the time of your retirement a limit of between 20 and 35% on your last salary with the Afores scheme.

  1. The education savings plan.

The education savings bread protects your savings by recognizing your loyalty and with tax exemption. Therefore, it is the insurance you need to ensure your children’s education without worrying about your financial situation. He offers you:

A loyalty bonus of up to 100% on your contributions that you made the first year.

It offers you different types of coverage to ensure that in the event that you go through a claim that invalidates you, your dependents will not have problems, because you will have established the goals that they need to achieve.

If you save for your children’s education, it offers you tax exemption.

  1. Investment plans.

In addition to the fact that you will have the support of the allianz group, a wide portfolio will be at your disposal for you to choose where to invest, the loyalty bonus is up to 100% on your contributions that you made the first year.

  1. Investment pensions.

In investment plans, the Premier line with the patrimonial OptiMaxxs offers you your financial security with very good returns:

You will be able to make investments in international markets, in commodities and in economic regions.

With private pensions, the volatility of the market will not be a problem for you because your savings will always be protected with a guarantee of profitability.

A plan is established according to your needs,

Obtains profitability in pesos with revaluation according to inflation or in dollars.

  1. Private pensions.
  2. Home insurance.

With home insurance, protect your assets with Allianz Residencial, covering risks such as:

  1. Debris removal.
  2. Robbery caused with violence.
  3. Family civil liability
  4. Broken glass
  5. All risk against explosion, lightning and fire.
  6. Catastrophic risks such as earthquake.

Business Category allianz México

  1. The Business category covers group medical expenses, group lives and damages.
  2. The group medical expenses insurance offers you coverage for all the collaborators of your company from the ACMM Empresarial plan with flexibility in their conditions with a wide network of specialist doctors and hospitals.
  3. Business life insurance provides you with life insurance protection that guarantees financial stability to the family of your workers in the event of the death or disability of your insured employee.
  4. If you take out Group life insurance, you acquire many benefits in terms of the productivity of your workers, in addition to social and tax benefits.

You can achieve all this thanks to the allianz group that arrived in Mexico in 1987 with the share of Cuahtémoc as a participating party that in 1995 acquired a company supporting the brand globally and all insurance services.

All these actions resulted in the total consolidation of allianz mexico as an insurance company with dead stability over 21 years.

Benefits of In investment plans, the Premier line with the patrimonial OptiMaxxs offers you your financial security with very good returns:

You will be able to make investments in international markets, in commodities and in economic regions.

Allianz Mexico benefits

  1. As a customer you can download the allianz client app for higher expenses.
  2. You will have access to all your policies including the payment date, the effective date of the policy and reminders of the validity of the policy.
  3. You will be able to see the digital card of the major expenses.
  4. You can register the claim procedures, for example you can start the reimbursement process for ancillary or initial expenses, start the procedure for a surgery and you can review the entire medical directory provided by the company, so that you can find the services near your home auxiliaries, hospital modules, doctors’ offices and hospitals.