Opening License Prices – All Costs

The prices of the opening license are very variable, so we cannot give you a fixed cost, although we can give you an approximation, so that you can get an idea of ​​what the license is going to cost you.

The price of the opening license is made up of two variables main. On the one hand, we have the engineer project price, and on the other the fees charged by the town hall, which are usually less than the cost of the project.

What is the price of a Business Opening License in Spain?

Starting with the price of the project, it depends on the activity to be carried out. If the project is for an innocuous activity, such as a clothing store, the cost is between the 600 and 1000 €, but if the activity is classified, such as that of a fish shop, the price can be about € 2000. This price includes the visa fees for the Engineers college.


Then we have to pay the city council fees, which depend on the type of activity, where the premises are located and the meters it has. For a medium-sized premises, with a harmless activity such as the illustration clothing store, the price of the license would be around € 300-400, while for the fishmonger the price can be doubled or tripled.

Considering the expenses, we can say that for an average business, the costs of the opening license can be around € 1,000, a price that is not high, but that is another hurdle for those who want to undertake.

These two are the main costs to calculate the prices of the opening license, but if the place is newTo the price, you have to add the building permits, the electrical installation project and a huge list of expenses that you have to face before having entered a single euro, something that should begin to change, but which is not going to do so. Even more so in times when small businesses should have greater dynamism due to the current crisis.

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Cost of opening and activity license

The cost of the opening license has two components:

Town Hall fees:

They are calculated for each premises taking into account three factors: commercial importance of the street, size of the premises and type of activity. The rates are logically higher for qualified activities and the more relevant a street is and the larger the premises. They vary from one city council to another, from a minimum amount in small municipalities to several hundred euros for harmless activities and more than a thousand in qualified activities in cities like Madrid.

Cost of the technical report or project:

It will depend on the complexity of the project to be carried out and the price of the company or professional selected, which will range between a minimum of 600 and 1,000 euros for harmless activities and double for qualified activities. For projects that involve works or require special permits (specific industrial activities) the cost can be increased to 10,000 euros.