Only with logic and common sense you will not lead your business to success

Many people wonder how some people do to have the achievements or results that they show in their lives, people who travel when they want, go after their dreams and goals, people who were one day as the majority are and today are part of the 5 % of the most successful people on the planet.

I do not want to refer here only to people who are millionaires, but to the millions of people who do not brag about it and yet are entrepreneurial owners of their businesses or companies, which also allows them to do with their lives what they want to do.

Where to start then? The old school talks about hard work, breaking your back for a plate of food, history is full of these tales of the industrial age, however it is increasingly clear that by destroying our body we will not get far, at most to the hospital.

Currently thousands of people struggle to do what we want and do what we have to do to be able to live, in this struggle the idea that it is logical or what makes sense for our lives is embedded, which is why it becomes much more difficult start having new projects and start walking a path that will take us to where we really want to be in a few years.

Every entrepreneur had or has to fight against this idea, logic is necessary and we always have to apply common sense, but we must develop another type of perception, this is the belief in ourselves, that we can achieve great things, that we have right to do it and that if we get to work on it over time we will achieve it.


The need for logic and common sense.

When you start an online business, of course you cannot leave logic and common sense out, you cannot create products or offer services to people who do not need it, for example, as well as it is logical that if you are a consultant or want to start Create products you have to first have the knowledge to do it, so your first obligation is to train yourself in it until you reach a point where you can launch with confidence.

It may seem that successful people managed to be where they are just by being at the right time or that luck helped them, the reality is that when we listen to the stories of their lives we realize very quickly that they are not where they are by chance.

Behind every success is vision and inspiration, yes, but also perspiration, hard work, hours and hours of dedication, practicing for that moment that they knew would come at some point. In this sense, I love the phrase that success is when opportunity and preparation come together.

Ask yourself, how are you spending your time? We are not talking here about the time you dedicate to your current job, but about the moments that you have free on a daily basis; They are those moments that tomorrow you will thank or blame for why you did not use them to learn something new that is constructive for your life and is capable of taking you to a place much further than where you have come today.

I know that logic and common sense can tell you today that things are difficult, that there are no better opportunities, but have you really tried enough? If you find that where you are today is not the place where you want to be in three years, for example, it means that it is time to start with new habits, since the previous ones can only take you to places similar to the one you are today.

What do you need then for a change? Your decision, the decision to commit to yourself, to sign a pact that says that you will do the best you can, that you will seek to develop your maximum potential and your decision that if one path does not work you will look for others, but your goals and your dreams will not be they change for nothing in this world.

Lorica and common sense are necessary, but they are only tools of your vision, of your will to achieve everything you are looking for in your life.

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