Online platform – factors that influence your success

Creating an online business is synonymous with creating an online presence but this is not something we can take lightly, we ourselves witness that every time we do a search in search engines we can find millions of websites; In conclusion, if we do not differentiate and endow our online platform than is necessary for it to be successful we will not stand out from the others and our efforts will be in vain.

In this article I want to share with you 11 points that I think an online platform needs to access potential clients and the success that we all seek online:

online platform

Online platform- 11 tips your website needs to be in the race.

1- THE FIRST IMPRESSION- We all hear the phrase sometime that we will not have the possibility of a second impression, I consider that in relation to online platforms it is the same, if a visitor enters our site and comes across a site that has no order or purpose of being He will most likely leave it in seconds, and you will never see him again.

You can observe this data by monitoring it with the free tool of Google analyticsIf the site abandonment rate is very low, 2 or 3 seconds is a sign that you need to modify these parameters on your site.

There are many concepts that influence this section, for example web usability, or the experience that your visitor has when they enter your site is essential so that the subsequent actions they take benefit you.

2- WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ME? – This question is what your visitor is asking when they enter your online platform, always think that they are looking for an answer, a solution to a problem they have and want to solve, if your website or what you write on it is confusing or not It has a specific purpose, the visits that arrive in the same way will leave your website and never return.

For example, if a person is searching in Google with the phrase “how to get visits to my website” and enters your site and this from the title is no longer accurate, the most common is that they leave the page and continue their search.

3- PRIVATE DOMAIN NAME- You need to have a private domain name, with this I do not mean that if you have your online platform, it is for example on the platforms of or you will not be successful with your online business, there are types of businesses that you can develop perfectly with these types of free domains, there are even very successful entrepreneurs, bloggers, who are very successful and are recognized for their work.

But if you want to develop online businesses more focused on professionals, then professionalism is key, your own domain with your name or that of your company gives you the authority to present yourself to them.

Here I do not want to go into details about the advantages and disadvantages of a free domain because it is not the subject of this article, but I assure you that there are notable differences.

4- UNIQUE SALES PROPOSAL- We already spoke at the beginning that there are millions of online platforms, which thousands of them are surely focused on the niche that you want to work, for which you need to differentiate yourself, which we call “your unique PUV sales proposal”, which is nothing but what makes you different from the “competition”.

All people are unique, so surely you have a unique way of presenting your business or services, a different attention, a product focused on the valences of another product, etc. To achieve success you need to find a way to do it “your way”, which is not a copy so it will differentiate you from others.

5- CAPTURE THE INFORMATION OF YOUR VISITORS- The reason for this is simple, the more visitors you have on your website, the Internet is full of sites similar to yours, so it is very possible that they forget yours very quickly, the solution to this is to obtain information from them, you only need their names and emails, through which you can establish a closer relationship and they will be aware of the novelty of your business.

6- BUILD YOUR CUSTOMER LIST- The above brings us to this point, the need to create our list of subscribers, who after a purchase will become customers, through this list you can create permanence in their minds, gain credibility and trust, aspects that I assure you are vital for everything business and not just online.

7- OFFER USEFUL AND UPDATED CONTENT- People are looking for value, something that is useful to solve their conflicts or doubts, so the way to be successful with your online platform is by offering high value and updated content, many times it is not necessary to offer your own content only, you can Offer content from other people but that you know are also of great value and can help your audience, I tell you about other articles, videos or products that you have tried and know that they are of help to them.

8- OFFER CONTACT INFORMATION- Your visitors always have to have a simple way to contact you, this must be visible on your website, for example on some page “about me” or “Contact” where they can enter, learn about your career or what you are doing and if they wish to communicate with you.

9- SOCIAL PROOF- Your site needs to show interactions or contacts with other people, for example having comments, pages that have been shared on social networks, etc; This gives people a feeling that they are in a place of importance or where they can find value for their lives. A very important aspect in this section is that we need to invite our visitors to leave their comments or share their opinions, since people are not very assiduous to do it on their own.

10- LINKS TO OTHER SITES- This aspect not only refers to the fact that having links pointing to other sites of interest improves our SEO or search engine positioning, but that people also like to investigate other reference sites, which for Google also translates into interaction with people, increase your authority and put your website in a position that helps share valuable information not only from your own site.

11- DESIGN FOR MOBILE PHONES- Currently, a large proportion of people are using their smartphones to enter an online platform, so we need to be updated regarding the design of our sites, that they adapt perfectly to these types of formats necessary for an optimal consultation from a mobile. There are even studies that show that sales are being made for thousands of dollars through mobile phones and this trend will increase over the years.

Therefore our option is to work on our sites with responsive themes or themes, which adapt to the different mobiles that are being used.

I hope this information is useful to you, we need to be attentive to these factors so that our online platform achieves its mission on the web, I invite you to leave your comments or share this article with the people who may find it useful.

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