Online Marketing Strategies Using Video Marketing

Continuing with the theme of generating web traffic to our blogs, products or services, I want to talk to you in this article about the strategies of online marketing using thevideomarketing.

Marketing online harnessing the viral power of videomarketing It is one of the best options to generate web traffic, currently there are video platforms used by millions of users daily, with their own search engines, making searches and inquiries about all types of content.

Online marketing through video marketing can be used for example to promote our website, our services, the products that we promote as affiliates, etc. Its highly viral characteristic together with social media makes them perfect to generate a strategy of online marketing withvideomarketing.


Online marketing with videomarketing- basic points.

We all know that YouTube is one of the sites with the highest visits on the web, so the best investment of time is to start working with this platform, then you will see some aspects to take into account to publish videos on said platform and have more possibilities to occupy good positions:

1- Use the keyword in the title of your video.

2- Make a short general description of the video, in this way Google will position you much better.

3- Always use the keyword “video”, since most of the times when users perform a search they place this word followed by their main search, for example “video on camstacia, video on …”.

4- Try to generate comments under your video, in this way Google will give it greater importance, use publications on social media, etc.

5- Also distribute your video on other video platforms, remember that YouTube is the most visited, but there are also other platforms that can help you to be found by a greater number of people.

6- Create a network of internal and external links to your video, in this way you will raise your ranking and positioning, for this you can do it from the same YouTube platform, by commenting on another similar video and leaving the link of yours.

7- Create your own video channel on YouTube, if you no longer have it, in this way you can use the platform as an address to your work on the web.

That’s just the beginning, try to follow other channels, make comments on their videos and insert the link of your videos in the comments, always try to provide information of interest so as not to be accused of spam, etc.

I hope this article about online marketing with the videomarketing has been helpful for your business, I invite you to leave us your comments about your experience with video marketing.