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Online flower shop as a business idea to earn money on special occasions

Online flower shop as a business idea: The sale of flowers online It is perhaps a business that is in high demand with what is communicated when someone entertains a bouquet of roses, for example, to a person particularly for a specific event. By itself in the physical field we see how people continue to buy their flowers, they sell really well there is no doubt because even unique stores exist and they offer us a plurality both for personal gifts for events of all kinds (teenagers, weddings, anniversaries, etc.) .

For many, a flower means showing affection towards a singular person, perhaps you have had to acquire one to celebrate Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, to be able to say with great emphasis “happy birthday”, in short. That is where the demand is born, indeed, according to what it seems, a flower will never go out of trend when it is necessary to express appreciation for someone.

Internet flower shops
A profitable business for special occasions is to set up a virtual store to sell flowers as inteflora does.

This success has already been taken to the website, and there are many entrepreneurs who have been able to take advantage of it based on the human need to express their feelings in the best way. More than we are pleased to provide examples with which you can create a business idea, and this time it is about Interflora, a and also-commerce that sells flowers online more with the added value of personalization so that the user arranges his order for a certain occasion in a special way, and in such a case, it will be possible to customize the flowers for San Valentine, for Thanksgiving, to offer congratulations or to wish luck, to ask for forgiveness, or to reap a beautiful and lasting friendship.

Those are the proposals offered by this store, but obviously the customer of the service will have a different occasion that leads him to suggest a completely new and original arrangement of bouquets.

In this initiative, what stands out the most are the messages that will be included in the order, and with regard to personalization, it is obvious that they have had to work to offer an intuitive process and with a presentation of different offers for everyone and each of the tastes and pockets.

To be honest, it is one of the most compact and professional sales websites that we have seen, both the design and the quality of the images are first class and it is no wonder that in this area, photographs are the tool that makes the difference. , it is very difficult to see businesses of this class that do not worry about this aspect. There is also the very attractive packaging on purpose and that apart from being part of the aesthetics is so that the flowers are not damaged during the shipment.

This company is a project for the territory of Spain, however, the model can be assembled in any part of the planet where it is created in this way of expressing our feelings.


How to Open a Florist or Flower Sale as a Profitable Business Idea

Starting a flower shop or florist business can be a great profitable investment idea. As in any business, there are good seasons and bad seasons. In the flower business, the best season is in February, when, as we all know, the day of love and friendship is celebrated. To be honest, flowers are welcome on all occasions and regardless of the time of year, flowers are always and at all times a good gift. Flowers are given at weddings, anniversary celebrations and special dates such as anniversaries.

How to start the flower shop business?

  • Choose some good designs
  • Start advertising.
  • Copy certain designs from certain pages that you like their models
  • Start selling
  • Deliver on what you promise and the recommendations will keep coming back when you give good service

How to make my flower shop a good business?

  1. You must have creative ideas which you can get from the internet
  2. You must use quality flowers and good designs
  3. You must deliver what you promise: good service is the key
  4. Reasonable costs and on-time service
  5. The more coverage you have and distribute in more places, the higher your sales will be


What are the downsides of the flower business?

Since one of the biggest disadvantages is how fast the flowers wither, hence it is essential to take care of the quality of the flowers and consult with a florist specialist so that you know the different flower models, since certain flowers probably wither. but faster than others.

Essential aspects of the flower business.

  • The distributors
    It is essential to look for distributors who offer you quality flowers at a good cost.
  • Convenient conditions.
    It is essential that the place where the flowers are stored has good lighting, a cool temperature and a person in charge of maintaining the flowers, for example, that each and every day they are watered with water.

Local, point of sale and form of distribution of the flowers.

  • Selling Flowers at a Local Store
    You can rent a small premises preferably in an area with high traffic of people and paint the premises with attractive colors. The size of the premises should not be really large so the rent will not be that high either. You can also sell flowers in a cart on the side of the street or in a small kiosk in any shopping center.
  • Sale of flowers at home
    If you have the resources to acquire a motorcycle or a small truck, you can also choose to offer home delivery to your service customers. Study a bit who your contenders are and see if they already offer home delivery, if they do not offer it then you have the opportunity to add value to your business.