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Office functions that you must master to work in a company

Every worker in a company must know the office functions and even more so if you want to work or get a job in the administration of a company, as it is essential, since they are tasks carried out by the staff and are essential for the institution to function properly, hence the importance of recognizing the office functions to master.

Well, if you master them properly, you will obtain achievements that will benefit your curriculum, but do you know what that job is? What are the machines that you will surely find in your work area? And what will your role ultimately be? Well, all this and much more you will know below.

Main office functions

The clerk can play highly variable functions depending on the area where you work, but in general these are the examples of office functions dominating a professional who works in administration:

  1. Must be skilled at take notes quickly so that in the same way you can follow those annotations and be fluent in both written and oral language.
  2. Must have the ability to organize your space maintaining order and extending this responsibility to his colleagues in the sector.
  3. Should know the structure of texts so that, based on this, they have the adequate capacity to write correspondence.

“The writing of texts is one of the qualities that must be mastered, because in the writing of texts, demonstrating grammatical, syntactic and literal skills are a plus to compete.”

  1. In this sense, you must take care of the reception, registration, delivery and classification of correspondence so that you can give a quick response and file the documents.
  2. Also depending on the area occupied by the office workerKeeping the agenda is your responsibility, that is, when a meeting is agreed, all invited people must attend before having known the place and time of the meeting.

“Although this was a task that was carried out manually, nowadays, thanks to technology, there are applications that allow the office worker to schedule these meetings automatically, so those who have been invited can have availability at their disposal. of the date and even gives them the option of choosing the time that suits them best.

  1. Every company has a corporate email, since the office worker’s task is to review and respond to those emails, but for this there are also applications that facilitate this task.
  2. In the administration sector, the clerk in charge of accounting does the financial management, so he will master everything that has to do with billing, registration, payment and shipping.
  3. Most companies have the logistics sector, where the office worker will dominate the monitoring of goods, communication with suppliers to satisfy the company with raw materials, depending on the company ensuring good production.
  4. The receptionist is also an office worker who masters the function of answering or making phone calls to maintain communication with clients, suppliers and co-workers.
  5. An office worker needs to master the distribution of the correspondence that arrives at the company, for example the credit cards that he must distribute, for which it is important that he knows all the areas and employees of the company.

Characteristics of office functions

  1. The office functions They are characterized by being a job with a pre-established schedule in the contract that usually takes place from Monday to Friday with a duration that varies according to each country and even company, since sometimes a longer schedule can be stipulated broad including Saturdays and Sundays or rotating shift hours.
  2. Depending on the type of work, fluid communication can be one of its characteristics, for example if the requirement is for teamwork.
  3. However writing and experience with computers and software is usually one of the characteristics that most areas of a company require.
  4. Depending on the type of position, it can be characterized by the need for you to meet a university or technical educational level.

What is the job of an office worker?

¿What is the job of an office worker? If the functions that you must master as an office worker were not clear to you, then the first thing you should think is that everything will depend on the type of company where you work and its size, however some jobs are common to all of them are:

  1. Every company needs to maintain good communication with the members of the organization, with its customers and suppliers, so taking notes and knowing how to transcribe them is a job for office workers.
  2. The organization and filing of documents.
  3. Photocopy documents.
  4. Write letters.
  5. Know the computer tools because you will work mostly with the computer.
  6. Management of office machines such as computers, scanners, photocopiers, etc.

What machines are used in the office?

Every company begins its activities with personnel and also asks what machines are used in the office and that therefore the office worker must master how:

  1. The paper shredders, as there is a data protection law and therefore this is a job that cannot be done manually. The company will take care to focus on a shredder with a size and usability according to the size of the company.
  2. The laminators they are office machines for laminating important documents such as a presentation card for an event or a company access card.
  3. The inserters they are office machines for enveloping letters. Given the fluid communication of companies with suppliers and customers, they are useful to speed up the work and time of the office worker.
  4. The cut paper It is a simple machine that is used for opening envelopes.
  5. The scissor It is common for all companies to make a straight cut or other shapes on cardboard or paper.
  6. The acrylic board With a crystallized and white finish, it is common and useful to write with non-indelible markers the tasks to be carried out during the day, reminders, meetings, etc.
  7. The computers that are considered an essential tool of companies and the office to perform all the tasks of all the departments of the company, for the development of documents, illustrations, accounting, etc. they are essential and must be mastered by office workers.

What is the role of an office worker?

To understandWhat is the role of an office worker? You should know that it is the sector where all the information of the company is processed in order to collect data that will be sent to the administration for decision making. Its role is to coordinate, control and direct some of the activities of the commercial area.

What are the two functions of language?

You want to knowWhat are the two functions of language?, as it is part of oral and written communication in a company.

  1. The representative function, also called informative, focuses on the situation and the content of the message, for example: It is twelve o’clock in the afternoon, it is a message that provides objective information.
  2. Symptomatic, expressive or emotional function focuses on the issuer, for example: I feel sad, it is a message that expresses feelings, therefore it is subjective.