Office cleaning materials and products

The office cleaning products that you should take into account, in principle they will depend on the size of the office to be cleaned, but the most important thing is that they are always of quality with the aim that the place is impeccable in the eyes of the public.

For this reason, if you created an office cleaning company, you should keep reading to know everything you need, because your reputation as a company is at stake.

What are the best office cleaning products

Now you are going to read the office cleaning products that you must take into account as basic, as they will always be relative because it is not the same to clean an office of a law firm than one of a mechanical workshop.

Even the number of square meters of the office must also be taken into account, because the amount of products you need will depend on it.

Bathroom cleaning products: All offices have one or more bathrooms, which must be kept as clean as a home.

Therefore, during cleaning you must take care that the surfaces do not get scratched, then you will need a fiber scourer that will allow you to take care of them.

The close or toilet toilet and everything that surrounds it needs a deep cleaning with a disinfectant and descaler product for bathrooms.

Crystal Cleaning: Cleaning the windows of an office must be very careful. At a professional level you should apply a glass cleaner helping you with a clean cloth, after cleaning with another cloth to remove dirt and dust.

For example, a concentrated multipurpose glass cleaner is ideal for removing dirt and as it evaporates quickly, the surface is truly impeccable.

Although many glass cleaners are easy to find prepared to spray on the glass, you can also think about preparing it, so before using it you should read the label to know the proportion of the cleaner for each liter of water.

In fact, the preparations are the ones that you can use to start the glass in your house, but in your cleaning company you will need those that are prepared, since in this way you will spend less money on office cleaning products.

Deodorants: Deodorants or air fresheners are useful because they remove the bad smell, for example they are useful to be sprayed in the office after a work meeting and then in this way you leave the environment perfumed and also gives the feeling of being inside an environment with a very careful hygiene.

Garbage bags: Trash bags are essential so that you can collect and dispose of all office waste.

However, you must remember the need to wear protective gloves to avoid any type of accident with waste and with the cleaning products you use, especially with the chemicals present in disinfectants.

For this, think about the double-layered ones with a reinforcement in the palm because they ensure greater protection. You should also pay attention to the quality of the garbage bags so that they support weight.

For an individual office or an office, self-closing bags are common, but for offices that are common spaces for many employees, community bags are recommended and even if it is a large space, it is best to use a cleaning cart. to transport all products including garbage bags.

Office cleaning machines and products

Cleaning machines: Among the cleaning machines think of sweepers, carpet washers, scrubbers, polishers, vacuum cleaners as well as others that office cleaning may need depending on its characteristics.

Well, it will also depend on whether you need products for the more traditional cleaning methods such as brooms, mops and plastic buckets for professional cleaning in offices.

Soil: The office floor and the cleaning products you will need will depend on the type of floor, because if it is a synthetic material floor, the ammonia cleaner can work very well, but if it is shiny ceramic floors you should use a broom to remove all the dust, as you must sweep gently to avoid damaging the surface.

Then with a feather duster you will remove the rest of the dust that the broom did not sweep and then prepare the floor for the final cleaning, since if you do not eliminate that rest of the dust it will accumulate between the ceramics and in the corners.

For scrubbing, a mop with a bucket is convenient, especially if the surface to be cleaned is very large, since otherwise a common cotton mop will be enough.

Finally, you will finish cleaning the ceramic floor of the office with a scented cleaner as it also gives it shine.

Office furniture: The office tables and all the furniture can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth soaked in a multi-surface cleaner that you can buy prepared in a spray or prepare it at the rate of the amount of parts of the cleaner and water indicated on the product label.

Signage signs: Although it is not a cleaning product, a sign that may read “attention wet floor” will help your client to consider you as a professional, because we not only take care of the cleaning of the office but also the locations that are still they have not left the office.

In fact, depending on your work schedule, you may start when not all employees have retired.

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