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Movistar customer service number in Spanish

Movistar customer service number: If you have problems with your mobile phone service or require information to carry out a procedure, it is important that you have the Movistar customer service phone number, as there are many concerns for which you need to call by phone, for example when you travel and require information about roaming or when you need to know if you have credit on your phone if you subscribed to the prepaid service.

Then below you will find everything you need to know to communicate by phone and you can clear all your doubts in an easy and agile way …

How to communicate with the customer service movistar?

  • If you need to contact customer service movistar You can call the United States from this country, Puerto Rico and Canada at (1) (888) 4013854, you can call at any time of the day and every day of the year because it has a 24/7 service for account plans controlled, prepaid and postpaid.
  • If you travel and need to activate or deactivate roaming you can do it for free by calling # 500 listen and follow the instructions.
  • If you are in a foreign country and need assistance, you can solve your problem by calling 1-888-4013-854, this is the payment number that, depending on the region, an international roaming charge is established.

What is the number to call movistar customer service? 900 500 690

Did you understand cWhat is the number to call movistar customer serviceYou can call from Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. at: 900 500 690.

In the event that you need to have a technical question resolved, you can call on Saturdays from 9am. at 11pm to the same number.

For technical reasons you can also communicate on Sundays and holidays at the same number but from 3pm. at 11pm.

For other reasons and if you are only a Movistar satellite television customer, you will solve your problem by entering the Movistar website.

Remember that from the United States you can contact customer service from a Movistar landline or cell phone by calling 1 888 401 3854.

If you only need to know your balance, you can solve it from the United States and with your mobile phone by dialing * 72536 and from anywhere else in the world you can communicate by calling + 5255 5999 4248.

In the event that you have scratch cards and need to recharge airtime you can call * 555, keep in mind that the call for balance inquiry, voicemail or customer service has an outgoing call cost to Mexico depending on the rate region where you are at the time of the call.

At the same time, you should consider that for balance recharges, the Movistar day promotions or free time promotions are not applicable, but if you have a family member or friend in Mexico, that friend or family member can recharge you free time and if you travel, before of your trip you must register and recharge online from

Customer service movistar number # 610

If you want to make a claim for your internet plan, your landline or digital television, you need support or you require customer service movistar number you have customer service movistar phone # 610 to make inquiries about postpaid consumption and balance inquiry.

You can also call to activate and deactivate roaming at # 500 or from another operator at (* 1) 588 5204 and if you need information on LDN indications, call 190 or 198 to receive information on LDI indications.

Telephone to call movistar customer service 01 80000 930930

With your movistar mobile phone or from a landline phone remember the phone to call movistar customer service free 01 80000 930930 and if you are only looking for customer service, dial * 611 or if you need to make a query about your consumption or balance, dial # 610.

In turn the tel movistar sales is 01 8000 911 008, you can call from your landline or from your mobile phone.

You can also contact 01 80000 360 000,

The movistar portability line is 190, you will receive LDN indicative information by marking potion 2 and LDI indicative information by marking option 3.

By dialing 191 you will communicate with the national operator and if you dial 199 you will communicate with the international operator.

Telefónica Contact number by WhatsApp 152333333

You can also communicate at telf movistar by whatssapp at 152333333, add the number as a contact on your mobile phone or communicate by whatsapp from the website by clicking on the service banner.

If you communicate by whatsapp you will be able to consult your mobile service bill and pay for them and you can even consult everything you want to know about your plan and if your internet service or your home mobile service is failing, do not hesitate You can report that failure from whatsapp.

If your query has to do with the plan, use the menu Know your plan, you will enter your mobile phone number if you are a mobile customer when requesting it and then you will receive a text message with the token so that you can enter the system and if you are a home customer , you will enter your customer account number when requesting it.

By adding the contact you will be able to make the query for the failures in the technical failures menu and you will receive the indication of your connections, because when reporting a technical failure they will indicate your consumption, they will validate the configuration of your equipment or the coverage and in the event that you have not solved the problem, you can always contact a channel service advisor by whatsapp.

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How to contact Movistar México customer service

If you need to contact the customer service Movistar México follow these steps and you will find the information you need:

Step 1: Accede to

Step 2: Upon entering you will see the corresponding fields so that you can use the service center closer to you, open the tab and choose, in the same way in Search your state, open the tab and choose it, in Search your city, open the tab and you will see your city ​​to click.

Step 3: Finally click on Search.

You will immediately see the map and all the information on your right with the address with colonia street, zip code, city, state and hours of operation.

From the website You can receive customer service on balance inquiries, you will get attention by WhatsApp, you can enter My Movistar, find out about Movistar coverage, about 10-digit dialing, schedule an appointment and make a recharge.