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More profitable franchises to buy

If you want to work on your own, you are certainly interested in learning about profitable franchises, since it is a lucrative way to earn money from your own business with a branch of an established and profitable company, but to do so you need to know … If you want to work on your own, you are certainly interested in learning about profitable franchises, since it is a lucrative way to earn money from your own business with a branch of an established and profitable company, but to do so you need to know …

What are profitable franchises in the US?

While in the US, profitable franchises are the biggest companies such as KCF and McDonals, there are others that you may be interested in and that are also dedicated to food, such as for example;

Jimmyjohn’s gourmet sandwiches: This is a franchise with more than 30 years in the market and thousands of stores throughout America that sell fast sandwiches and continues to grow.

Subway: Subway is another franchise to consider, as it is a 50-year-old established trademark with branches in more than 100 countries around the world.

FastSings: FastSings is the most recognized brand in the industry. It offers you as a franchisee four weeks of entertainment, one week at Fastsings Central, two weeks at Dallas headquarters, support and orientation, access to business consultants, 24-hour web-based learning management and sales support.

Tropical Smothie: Tropical Smoothie is an interesting franchise option that ranks among the top in its category thanks to the focus on the healthiest foods with desserts, snacks, dinners, lunches, breakfasts and catering. It is also the first restaurant to offer Beyond Meat as a meatless option.Although it is not mandatory, you can qualify if you have experience in restaurants, liquid assets of $ 125,000 dollars, a minimum net worth of $ 350,000 dollars and an investment capacity of between $ 198,000 and $ 478,000 dollars.But you will also have to pay development costs such as an initial cost of US $ 322,000 variable according to space and other factors, 6% royalty commission as a fee and between 2% and 3% for national marketing commission.

Marcos’s Pizza Franchise: Marco’s Pizza Franchise is one of five large pizza franchises and is the only pizza chain started by an Italian. It has more than 100 stores since 2015 and more than 1000 that are in development. On the other hand, it is the fastest growing pizza brand. To qualify you need a liquid capital of 100 thousand dollars, a net worth of 300 thousand dollars and a total investment of between 150 and 546 thousand dollars.

Mathnasium: With more than 750 stores and an average of two opening each week, Mathnasium is growing rapidly worldwide. You can be a franchisee regardless of your experience, since many of them are teachers, engineers, housewives and other professions, because you receive education about everything you need to run a business that deals with instruction in mathematics. Once franchised, you get access to over 50 hours of online training. You’ll spend a week in Los Angeles at Mathnasium corporate headquarters where you’ll learn financial planning for your franchise and take Marhnasium education courses. and maintain your business. To qualify, you need a liquid capital of $ 102,750 dollars, a net worth of $ 143,610 dollars, for a total investment of between $ 102,000 and $ 143,000 dollars and a franchise fee of $ 31,000 dollars.

Christian Brothers Automotive: Christian Brothers Automotive offers franchises as a Christian business to provide the experience of loving others. It currently has more than 125 locations operating successfully in 17 states with a growth vision to reach 200 locations strategically located by the end of 2017. investment of between 403 and 474 thousand dollars.Kiddie Academy: By owning a franchise at the Kiddie Academy Child Care Learning Center, you gain many benefits such as running a supportive business model with flexible hours Monday through Friday. double-income families seeking high-quality child care, you will have the option of owning or renting real estate, so as a Kiddie Academy franchise owner you can achieve your financial and personal goals. dollars, a net worth of $ 550,000 dollars, for a total investment of $ 869,000 dollars.

Tips for buying profitable franchises

Most profitable franchises seduces you with great ideas of success, but to do this you need to prepare yourself so that you can really achieve the success you expect and promise.

Investigate: Franchising research is the first thing you need to do, in order to understand what each franchise is about and you will know the capital you need for the initial investment, fees and commissions, because this way you will know if you qualify to be a franchisee .

Review your financial situation: To open a franchise you must keep in mind that there are many costs that extend far beyond the initial fee you will pay at the corporate office.
So before you start, determine your net worth, decide if you need financing and where you’ll get it, talk to franchise owners about the costs and calculate the additional costs they may incur on the total investment.

Think of the location: Most franchisees have problems during the first few years because they didn’t know how to choose a place for their business, because having a visible store is the best way to market a franchise, especially when it comes to food service.

Therefore, since these places will have a high cost, you should think about how much you can spend and research to find the best location for your budget.

Separate personal finances: Separate personal and business finances so that you don’t compromise personal finances in the face of any problems that may arise in the business.

To do this, contact an attorney for advice on the structure of your business and choose the best option before buying the franchise.