Monterrey Insurance Benefits for Major Medical Expenses

The Monterrey insuranceThey have benefits, because you can be a healthy person without records of chronic disease, do you want to know how you would benefit and how to start obtaining these benefits? if you take out your insurance while you are healthy? Keep reading…

Monterrey insurance benefits

With Monterrey insurance you get benefits, in fact you should not wait until you get sick or develop a chronic disease to think about insurance, you should not waste time and start getting benefits now, for example:

  1. Being a healthy person, with your insurance you begin to develop a history.
  2. While you generate your history, you begin at the same time to create seniority with your insurance, which places you in a preferential position when you take out the insurance, benefiting from lower rates.
  3. Later you can develop a chronic disease and even develop cancer and you will get coverage if you contract when you are healthy because your policy must be valid for at least 3 years and then you get coverage for accidents or diseases.
  4. In fact, insurance for major medical expenses offers you coverage against episodes that you cannot predict or control, such as a traffic accident. In this situation, when you contract the policy, you have the peace of mind that all medical services will be covered.
  5. Also thinking about your future as a family, when you acquire this type of insurance early you will be generating seniority for the medical care of your wife’s birth and any other unforeseen expenses for any complication that may arise during the delivery.

Monterrey New York life insurance

Monterrey insurance new york life offers you major medical expenses insurance with which you obtain coverage in the event that you need coverage of medical care expenses after an accident, which is important because being an unforeseen event, these expenses will affect your financial stability, but having the coverage, you will not worry because you are sure that the expenses will be covered by the insurance.

Even with the insurance, you are the one who decides where you want to see yourself thanks to the medical network that you will have and it will provide you with the insurance with rates that you can access and without neglecting that you obtain safe protection for your health.

You can use the MiSeguro Mty application so that you always have the complete information of your policy in your hand, you can access the medical directory and the services of your coverage.

Even the application allows you to have an assistance button so that if necessary you can send your location at that time and two emergency numbers that you choose so that you can make a medical consultation, for a doctor at home or to request an ambulance.

With one click you will find the medical network with its location and its services so that you can locate those closest to you.

Alfa Medical

1.Alkfa Medical is the insurance for older medical cats that offers you coverage of expenses generated by the medical care that you may require after an accident episode, you also get coverage for maternity or any complication during pregnancy, after delivery the coverage is extended to the newborn and in the case of the death of the baby you get coverage for congenital death.

  1. If you attend a medical visit but do not feel satisfied with the diagnosis, you can make a second and even a third consultation with another doctor and that consultation will be covered by your insurance.
  2. In case you want a sinus or nose treatment you also get coverage.
  3. If at the time of hiring you are in good health, you can obtain a preferential plan with a discount on the premium.

Requirements to contract Alfa Medical.

s1. You must be a resident of the Mexican Republic,

  1. You must be in an age range between 0 to 64 years.
  2. If you apply, you must complete the initial application.
  3. You must present proof of address and your INE, the identification document.
  4. You must wait to get the medical evaluation.
  5. Finally you will make the payment of the policy.
  6. If you wish, you can convert this policy into an international policy, since medical attention can be required anywhere in the world if you travel.

Alfa Medical International

It is also a major medical expense insurance with benefits:

s1. You can choose your doctor without restrictions and the hospital of your liking anywhere in the world, that is, you can choose a doctor outside the network.

  1. Also, thanks to the fact that it provides you with the average payment plus a jump in surgical expenses, the possibility of covering a difference is very rare.
  2. Because the policy is denominated in US dollars, you get protection against inflationary effects.


To contract Alfa Medical Internacional you must meet these requirements:

s1. You must be a resident of the Mexican Republic.

  1. You must complete the Northwest application for initial insurance and, if applicable, answer the questionnaires.
  2. You must present proof of address and your identification document.
  3. You must be between an age of 0 to 64 years.
  4. Hiring the plan will always be subject to your passing the medical evaluation.

What the plan covers

  1. Up to 30% of surgeon, assistants, imaging, laboratory, orthopedic equipment, prosthetics, and medication fees.
  2. After month 10 of having contracted the insurance covers the indemnifying maternity expenses with 100% of the amount insured for maternity during the first, second and third year of the policy and even the first three years you do not pay coinsurance or deductible.
  3. Your baby born prematurely with a congenital disease or with a complication at birth is covered 100% from birth until the policy is renewed.

Monterrey insurance major medical expenses

With Monterrey insurance major medical expenses:

  1. If you have an accident and need reimbursement for medical expenses, you can request them as long as you are sure that they are covered by your policy.
  2. To do this, you can contact us on 53 25 95 00 or toll free at 01 800 522 7696 and you will receive the instructions to submit your procedure.
  3. You must have the accident notice with your signature.
  4. The medical report with their signature or the signatures of the corresponding doctors if more than one attended to you.
  5. Your medical history with your history, your diagnosis, the results and with the treatment.
  6. The report of the analyzes with the studies that were carried out with the interpretation of the histopathological study, the magnetic resonance, the computed tomography, the ultrasound, the x-rays, the laboratory analysis if applicable.
  7. A photocopy of your identification if you are the insured.
  8. The originals of the payment vouchers with the name of the insured or claimant.
  9. Hospital bills with attached statement and receipts for doctor’s fees with the date, patient name and notes from the pharmacy with the price per unit attaching prescription and studies according to tax requirements.