Mentality Necessary to Set Up Your Business on the Internet

Discover the Mindset and Attitude You Must Have Before Undertaking

For most, the biggest impediment to starting an Internet business is their own mindset.

Business-mindedSometimes it is the lack of motivation that is responsible for not carrying out our projects. But above all, it is the question that may arise about whether we can manage to do it or not. Doubt is the first enemy we have.

Seth Godin wrote a book called “The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick)” that deals with the resources we are willing to sacrifice of time and effort. Giving up on a business on time is a success, but knowing when you can achieve what you have set out to do and persevere in it is a much greater success.

If you are thinking that you will not succeed, chances are that you will not. Focus on what you want to do and how to do it, nothing more. Your attitude is the base.

The other enemy you will come across is distractions. When you have decided what to focus on and start looking for information on the internet, you will find many conflicting opinions and promises to get rich quick.

Believe me, eliminate the noise around you and focus on your goals. Follow the steps of “Start with the internet” that will help you a lot to start your business. I am not going to explain anything to you that will not help you because it does not lead us anywhere, neither to you, nor to me.

In these articles we try to filter what you do not need to know, if there is a tool that we do not mention it is for some good reason. It can take you a long time to know almost everything, so much so that you would just dedicate yourself to that and you would not get anywhere.


If you want to develop and refine your mind to get the best potential from you, you should pay close attention to the following steps.

Have a positive attitude

Ask yourself, “Can I do it?”

That is, if I had the tools and resources in my hand, could I set up a successful online business? It is normal that you are not 100% sure of it, but if from the beginning you already think that you will not be able, do not try. Not because it is too difficult or too hard, but because you don’t have the attitude it takes.

You have to propose yourself and convince yourself that you can really achieve it, and even verbalize it. Saying it out loud allows you to internalize your will and be more aware of what you are going to do. Make it more real.

Surely you will not get it in a week, but if you follow this guide, there is no doubt that you will get it. This is the way.

Although we cannot guarantee that you will get it, because that does not depend on us. You have to guarantee yourself that you will get it. What must always be assumed in these projects is that we are solely responsible for our success or failure. There can always be something we could have done to get what we wanted. If we think that things depend on others, we will be subject to what we believe to be the will of others.

I want to learn

Ask yourself, “Do I really want to learn this?”

There will be times when you think this is over you. But has it not happened to you on other occasions and have you overcome it? It is about knowing that sometimes you can be discouraged, but you should not take it as a defeat, but as a turning point. Human motivation goes through cycles and you are no exception, right?

Run away from the formulas, “Click here and get rich.” There are no shortcuts, although it is true that good information guides you towards your goal little by little.

Don’t try to learn everything and be an expert, just learn what is necessary. What is going to take you a lot of time you do not have to learn. Ask someone who knows to do it for you. Not everyone on the internet knows how to make a website or has created the images that appear on their website. They just hire a web designer or graphic designer. And the costs can be really low.

Commit to it

Ask yourself, “Do I commit to carrying out all the points in these articles?”

This means that you will have to believe what I tell you. But the fact is, if you don’t intend to actually do the points explained, you won’t get results.

Be persistent

Ask yourself “” Do I want to do what it takes to have the time I have committed to working on my business? “

To succeed on the internet, perseverance is necessary, this is for those who have worked properly for a long time on the same project. You don’t have to jump from one project to another. Define, focus on what you want to do and dedicate yourself to it.

Resist distractions

Ask yourself “Do I want to focus on what I’m going to do and resist distractions?”

When you start looking for information on the internet, you will realize that browsing tends to make us go zig-zag. Avoid jumping to another topic that seems to also be of interest to you and focus only on what you are looking for. Otherwise, you will spend the afternoon unproductively and what we want are results, not entertainment.

Follow the Pareto rule

Ask yourself “Am I going to work on the actions that bring me the most benefits?” You should do this even when you leave things that are not perfect, unfinished.

It is proven that 80% of our profits are generated by 20% of our work. This is a constant applicable in many cases of daily life. For example, do you not wear 80% of the time 20% of the same clothes?

You must control very well, which tasks are more productive to perform and which are not.

These articles are based on that, taking the most significant actions to carry out although perhaps there would be another way to do them that would be more pleasant to carry out.

Focus on the content, not the design

Ask yourself, “Am I going to focus on content rather than design?”

I have worked with people who were only giving importance to the color of their website and changing it to see how it looked better or using flash technology to make it more impressive. That way nothing progresses, results matter, then there will be time to perfect things.
The content is what attracts the results, not the design.

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  • Step 2: The idea

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