Medical insurance for the undocumented

In United States. If you are an immigrant, keep in mind that the Medical insurance for the undocumented they have lower rates of health insurance coverage and use of health services compared to native-born and resident and documented immigrant groups.

In fact, health insurance coverage through Medicaid or private influences the use of health services when it comes to undocumented persons.

Health Insurance for the undocumented in the United States

Several municipalities in the United States offer the Medical insurance for the undocumented, including the My Health LA, Los Angeles County and San Francisco Healthy program.

The Affordable Care Act contains an individual mandate that requires the purchase of health insurance and allows the purchase of insurance on health insurance exchanges, usually from tax credits.

But when it comes to undocumented, everything changes, as they are ineligible for regular Medicaid coverage as well as ineligible for food stamps, since they cannot obtain coverage from state-based health insurance exchanges, for which they are not eligible. for tax credits.

However, many low-income illegal immigrants are eligible for emergency Medicaid coverage including surgery and childbirth.

In this sense, federal law requires that hospitals do not reject people for emergency treatment even, because if they are undocumented they are protected by the National Center for Immigration Law.

Where they receive health insurance in order to immigrants in United States in United States

Refering to Medical insurance for the undocumented, there are several options:

On the one hand, many medical schools have clinics that offer free medical care.

On the other hand, undocumented immigrants can get health insurance through private employers, while undocumented college students can get their health insurance through a student health plan, as many universities offer student plans. As some universities require students to have some type of insurance and the authorities do not need proof of immigration status.

Community health clinics

There is a national network with some 1,400 community health clinics that provide basic services including basic dental care to unauthorized immigrants.

For example, in northern San Diego County, North County Health Services runs thirteen health centers. In the case of California, it offers treatment for heart disease, diabetes, cancer screenings, sexually transmitted disease tests, high blood pressure screening and dental care.

Keep in mind that health center officials will not ask you to prove your immigration status and will charge you nominal fees that are based on a sliding scale for medical care and regardless of treatment and the patient’s income they charge between 25, 45 and $ 75 per service and can be higher when it comes to dental care, as community health clinics do not turn away patients unable to pay and even treat some homeless people at no cost.

Medical for immigrants: Free medical and dental clinics

Many schools also provide free health care through clinics with student medical and dental staff, who are supervised by physicians who are part of the university.

Hospital emergency rooms

Under Federal Law, hospitals receive federal funds and as most do, they are required to care for patients in need of emergency care regardless of their immigration.

Health insurance for the undocumented in California

In the United States, the Affordable Care Act does not allow undocumented immigrants to have access to Medicaid, but California does not prevent those with DACA status from enrolling in Medi-Cal.

In California if you meet the income requirements and if you are a DACA eligible youth you are covered by Medi-Cal. If you are not a legal immigrant you can apply for coverage and you will be covered together with your family if they are eligible through a Medi-Cal plan.

Medical insurance for the undocumented in New York

In New York, health insurance without social security relies on local health security systems defined by the Institute of Medicine that organize and deliver a significant level of care and related services to the uninsured by Medicaid.

New York’s Major Health Security Systems

New York’s main security systems are New York City Health and the Hospital Corporation, as well as the local public hospital system and health centers that are for-profit organizations.

The systems rely on Medicaid and Share Hospital in addition to state funds for Indigent Care.

Although patients are not asked their immigration status, they assume that many are low-income, not enrolled in Medicaid, and undocumented, as healthcare professionals can confirm that a patient is undocumented during enrollment in emergency Medicaid .


You also have other ways to access the health insurance for people without papers in New York as undocumented, for example Medicaid covers emergencies in addition to offering you services for the treatment of serious health conditions such as in the case of suffering from major organ dysfunction or severe pain.

Emergency Medicaid covers chemotherapy and radiation but does not cover many of the defects associated with these treatments or bone marrow transplants.


Outpatient health centers HHC and FQHC They offer treatment to patients with common chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Treatments for these health conditions are performed under Emergency Medicaid, but glucose test strips used for disease control are not covered.

In the case of other health conditions such as advanced kidney disease or cancer, if you are undocumented and uninsured, emergency Medicaid does not cover drug treatment but it is useful for the treatment of hepatitis.

Well Emergency Medicaid covers dialysis although outpatient dialysis access is difficult to access at the emergency Medicaid reimbursement rate compared to Medicare as it does not cover medications that are needed when applied dialysis.

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