Marketyou, platform to earn money finding work online

One of the trends in the ways in which we can earn money online is to get jobs in which we are hired by people who need our knowledge in a certain profession or simply need someone to help them with their daily chores.

This modality is called P2P jobs (peer-to-peer) a concept that has become widespread and that perfectly describes the way in which we look for or find jobs from the web.

And precisely one of those possibilities is Marketyou, a platform that helps us in the online job search process through a complete system that consists in the investigation of our strengths as professionals and our weaknesses in order to improve, so that we build a profile that is appropriate with job offers from companies. This is offered thanks to the support of Saville Consulting, a recognized global human resources firm.earn money finding work online

It also allows us to network with our contacts to try to compare our skills and share tips and advice to get the dream job.

In this way we can more easily enter the selection processes of the various demanding companies, which at this time have incorporated job offers for architects, social media experts, web programmers, administrators, accountants, marketing experts, financiers, managers bankers, receptionists, engineers, etc.

It should be said that Marketyou will be in charge of advising us to be able to keep up as well as offering us many job opportunities. Perhaps it is what you were waiting for and it looks like a very good alternative. You may also be interested in the portal TaskRabbit, where the work is more informal being able to find offers to carry out with our own hands. However, it is available for the United States but in any case it is good to know that there are more services like this that we do not know when we will need.

Link: Marketyou