Marketing systems, the structure behind profits

Talking about generating income online is talking about working with methodologies and systems, only in this way can we achieve objectives, set goals and determine what our resources and tools are to comply with the agreement.

In online marketing planning is a fundamental part to achieve results, the creation of systems allows us to create the exact circuit that our visitor, prospect or client will go through in our business to advance in each of them stages within your online business.

This not only happens in online businesses, there is a system behind each physical or offline business, behind each business operation, etc.


So what do we understand by marketing systems?

A system is a set of objects united by some interaction or interdependence regular. In the specific case of marketing, this interaction or interdependence occurs between the different variables that we can consider, such as the product, prices, advertising, etc., etc.

Here we highlight “interaction or interdependence” between the variables because an action A has to occur to reach B and this to move to C, for example if we are talking about a marketing system applied to a funnel in order to attract subscribers a system is created by a capture page, a welcome page, a thank you page, a one-time offer for example, etc.

Marketing systems, benefits and variables

The purpose of any system is the organization, to have a series of data that allows us to make decisions or scale our business for example; A business without a system behind it does not have the basis and the necessary operations to function in an orderly and correlative manner, therefore we cannot define its results, much less its objectives.

Among the types of marketing systems that we can find are:

– The information system-

Its function is to organize the methods and elements necessary to plan, execute and control marketing actions.

– Planning system-

This type of planning determines the initiatives that are taken as option in the multiple cases or situations that occur in the online business. Many of us would call it plan B, however they are series of actions that allow your business to function more optimally.

– The control system-

Here We are talking about the study of variables, the control of each of the defined actions and the verification of each of the decisions that were made to determine if it meets the expected results.

– New product launch system-

The innovation and creation of new products is in this section, which must take place in an orderly manner or following a certain system that regulates its operation and times in your business.

– Sales funnels –

We are talking here about the system behind every sales process, it is made up of a series of elements or pages, they are built through a series of tools and processes to achieve a certain result and bring the elements involved to a certain state or level in our business.

There are many more systems created to achieve certain purposes, for example the systems that are used behind product launches, systems to expose the presentation of a professional service or systems to work with tools such as hangauts or webinnars.

Online businesses are based on two fundamental bases, MARKETING AND SALES.

Within the marketing stage we find all those actions focused on making yourself known in front of your client, the creation of Personal Brand, your presence on social networks with the appropriate content to create the basis of your marketing, which is the TRUST AND CREDIBILITY; Without this you will not be able to achieve sales or obtain the results you are looking for.

At this stage, the marketing, you will need certain resources or tools such as the creation of your social profiles, your presence on video platforms, participation in pages of references in your sector, the creation of websites or blogs, etc, etc.

Now, the second stage, possibly not the most important, but without which you will not be able to generate monetary income, is the process of SALES.

Each of the sales systems or funnels are included in this sales process or to attract interested parties, subscribers and customers.

The final objective of any Marketing strategy must be the sales increaseThat is why I consider it essential to touch at least the most basic and important concept that exists in sales before starting to define the strategy. The sales funnel or “Sales Funnel” is the base on which you will build your entire Marketing and sales strategy.

A sales funnel like the previous image is a simplified representation of how the sales processes are, not all are this way or follow this same pattern, although this is the basis, many experts create their own systems defined by the peculiarity of each one from them.

Marketing Systems- What main parts make up a sales funnel?


Any person for whom we have sufficient data to allow us to “contact” that person; your email, telephone or postal address. Obviously the more data we have, the easier and more effective it will be to contact this person, however the more data we ask for, the lower our subscription percentage.


They are those contacts who, although they have not shown a direct interest on their part, due to their profile, it is very likely that they are good candidates, for example compared to the profiles of those who are already clients. They are people who we know are interested in a certain market and who can be contacted or segmented for treatment on different lists.


They are the ones who have shown an interest in our product, you have already contacted them and they want to continue with the sales process. Realize that not all prospects go through the whole process, if someone calls you on the phone and asks for a quote, that immediately turns them into a prospect, regardless of whether they have gone through this process or not.


In your first months you will probably not have a saturation problem, but if your way is good and you know how to run your business, potential clients will start to crowd at your door, in these cases, you cannot serve everyone simply because they have an interest … You will have to “validate” the prospects, verify that they need your product, that they perceive a value in your product, that the customer has a budget to purchase your product, etc … The qualification scales of prospects vary greatly depending on each company and each product and if you design these filters correctly and improve them with data from your operations as time goes by, they will become the best way to save time.


They are those prospects that have been validated, that is, they want and can buy your product, before closing sales, you should make sure you know who makes the purchase decision.

MY recommendation is that you read to Carlos Ramos at, has achieved a magnificent article related to sales funnels, how they work and the value of each stage, you can access the article from here, I also leave you the graph that it uses:


The creation of a marketing system allows you to work with all these variables so that they work together to achieve a certain result for your business.

Now you know that we cannot achieve results if our business does not have a marketing system behind it, but remember that it is not only for your business, in our lives we are always managed by systems, many times we do not notice it, but for example since you You lift you perform systematic functions, for example you shower, have breakfast, go for a run, etc. The important thing here is to learn to build systems that add value to both you and other people.

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