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Market to make money writing sponsored articles

This time we want to share with you one business idea purely related to those entrepreneurs who love to write.

Is about PayPerPost, a whole platform that connects advertisers determined to pay to make their offers or launches public through an article, with all those bloggers who have a blog or website and are obviously willing to do so.earn money writing sponsored articles

We know that more and more millions of people are joining this system of I work online so maybe you already have one running under the theme that you like the most. But to make the most of this opportunity you will have to have a well-established blog with several hundred or thousands of daily visits, remember that advertisers are looking for quality and only pay for it.

So if you have already gained some experience in this field that has become very competitive, then you will receive offers for you to write posts about products, web pages or future company or individual launches.

However, there is something to rescue from this platform and it is the possibility of negotiating the price of the item with the advertiser, that is, if they are not happy with the price you have established for a certain post or for each word of it, then you will be able to communicate with your clients to reach an agreement.

So if you already have a good blog that you know will give you results, then send your URL and complete the registration of your profile so that you never lack the offers and only accept the ones that suit you. The minimum to charge is 50 dollars and through PayPal.

Link: PayPerPost