Make your website profitable with Publicideas

Most people who are inclined to create a blog is to be able to earn some money online, and the main advantage is that we can make a blog profitable with many methods and one of the most popular is digital advertising.

Therefore we have found Advertising a system that works under affiliate marketing with which we can obviously get relevant income with our blog by placing advertisements from the different companies that are registered.Make your website profitable with Publicideas

Perhaps the name catches your attention and is that this company is of French origin but now available in the Spanish language. First of all you will have to go through a registration process and whose validation is not like the others that you may have experienced before, I say this because in some cases you will have to wait up to 30 days at most to be able to accept a new site. You have to take into account that sometimes, the advertisers themselves take the trouble to validate the sites they want to work with, so do not despair.

The promotional resources are the typical HTML banners, text links, etc. Another advantage that this type of platform gives us is the possibility of subscribing to several affiliate programs at the same time, and at all times you will have full knowledge of the status of your balance by reviewing the “Billing” section, which is automatically updated after every transaction.

So far everything seems to be what is commonly offered to us on the web, however, this platform is a bit stricter than the others and only counts one click per person during 24 hours, all to avoid fraud and all kinds of penalized actions .

It seems a very good option to monetize our website since companies like El Corte Inglés and others equally recognized that have opted for this new proposal are seen. They pay when the affiliates have accumulated the amount of 100 euros per month.

If you have decided to be an affiliate or an advertiser, it is certain that you will get good results, good luck in your endeavor.

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