Make Money With Article Marketing

The following is a series of 3 parts that will teach you key points to make money writing articles, either so that through them you can promote your products or simply send traffic to your website if you are making money with Adsense.

How does Article Marketing work?

You write an article, note or small paragraph of your product, blog or web page to appear in the search results and you send it to an article web page such as:


This process is done without investing money, the good thing about this method is that when you submit your articles, they adopt the search engine ranking of the articles page so it is much faster to appear in the first positions of the main search engines such as Google and Bing. Something that would take months if we start optimizing our website.

Search engine positioning is something that large merchants have been perfecting, by writing articles you will take advantage of the positioning of these sites so that your articles appear in the organic results that is equal to free traffic.

Now you must find the keywords for Google to find you more easily and then bring you more traffic, but you should also look at how much the competition is, so you should do a little Market Research.


Part II: Competitor Analysis

Continuing with this three-part article on how to make money with article marketing, it’s time to analyze your competition and see how much traffic you can get through the keywords that you will learn to choose below:

To know if a keyword is competitive or not, we must go to Google to check how many search results there are, for this there are a variety of tools to find keywords, here are some:

Google AdWords Keyword Planner – A tool that provides number of searches for keywords, suggestions for other similar keywords, related keywords, cost of clicking to advertise in AdWords, level of competition from advertisers and more.

Compete – Shows keyword positions for competitors and how much traffic they receive for each keyword. You can see which pages get the most traffic for any keyword. It has free limited data and full data with monthly subscription.

Wordtracker – It is the payment tool used by all those who do keyword research on the Internet. In the free sample you can click on keywords in the list and see other variations of the same words.

Keyword Discovery – A payment tool very similar to Wordtracker also used by many professionals.

SEO Digger – Shows traffic that competitors receive for specific keywords. It offers a lot of free data but for complete information it has a monthly subscription.

Uber Suggest – Another popular payment tool among keyword research professionals.

SpyFu – Shows costs per click of keywords for AdWords, an estimate of how much competitors spend on AdWords, ads that appear for certain keywords and much more information. It has free limited data and full data with monthly subscription.

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool – It gives you search data on keywords from the main search engines and a variety of sources. It is free but promotes other services.Make Money With Article Marketing

Good Keywords

A good keyword to earn money is one that, if possible, does not have more than 6,000 monthly searches, for example if you search earn money you will realize that it has a result of a little more than 300,000 searches, so it will be very difficult to position yourself in the first places.

It is time for you to look for the products you want to promote this you can do by registering in or and there are other affiliate programs that you can google.

Suggestion! Search for keywords with the name of these same products.

The above is only part of how to find keywords that generate traffic and sales = money, only with practice you will be able to realize some tricks that will save you a lot of work.

Now how should you write your article, with how many words, how many keywords? keep reading in the next post:

There are a series of rules that you must follow so that the articles you write are not a waste of time:

  • Your articles can be between 400 and 500 words long (ideal for search engines to find you).
  • Add keywords in the title of the article.
  • Use words understandable to all (nothing to impress), add your style, to attract the attention of your audience add testimonials, personal experiences, etc., with this you will avoid boring them.
  • Add keywords at the end of the article.
  • Try to use the keyword (s) between 3 and 7 times, if you do more it could be considered as spam.
  • Finally: Submit your articles

In Google write “article directories” hit enter and sign up for some of them.

Submit your articles to search engines after you get their url (the one that appears above after you’ve uploaded your article), it’s good that they know you’re there.Make Money With Article Marketing

III Part: How I earn money with my articles

Promoting a product

Make a brief description of your product taking into account (keywords), benefits and if you want experiences or testimonials and at the end insert your affiliate link, try to cover it up with (It is very easy to use).

Promoting traffic to your website

You can do this by writing what people can find on your website or if you also promote products on it (affiliates, multilevels, physical products).

Maybe all of the above seems like a lot of work, but I assure you it is worth it, and best of all, it is free. By the way you are starting in the world of Internet marketing, you earn money with Article Marketing and you can have income to finance the campaigns that come through PPC or Adwords. In addition, you become familiar with the basic principles of writing, creating web pages and research.

I hope this series of articles has helped you to start making money with Article Marketing (another way to make money for: business without money).