Make money online by creating and recommending original domain names

If you have ever thought about creating a blog or a web page, then you will have suffered one of the first inconveniences that a webmaster goes through, that is, being able to come up with a name for your specific site.

It is true that there are some who have much greater creativity to think of one that would be worth using forever, and if you are one of those who have this “gift”, then from now on you could be generating extra money.

The novelty is named PickyDomains, a domain store that pays for the contributions of its affiliates, or in this case of contributors, every time they create domain names as well as original slogans for their client portfolio.

earn money creating domain names
The operation is simple, once registered, we can investigate each order or order so that we begin to send all possible suggestions. But you should know that from the beginning you will have to suggest many names and descriptive phrases since the competition is tough and at least they advise you to send a minimum of 100 proposals.

In this store the domains cost 50 dollars and the slogans about 75 dollars, and for each sale you will earn between 40% and 60% of the order, which in figures would mean between 25 to 35 dollars, not bad when it comes to just thinking about names For innovative websites or slogans, it is just a matter of being inspired, of course, perhaps more than money.

If you have browsed the web, you will surely have found domain names that use keywords to improve positioning as is the case with this blog: “make money creating domain names”, but you will also have found some that you may not even have been able to read and obviously you won’t be able to remember in the future.

Hopefully this idea will help you start to handle the concept of Internet business. Payments are through PayPal.